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Sonic Satam fan ep.1 p.1

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This is Episode 1 part 1 of My Sonic Satam Fan continuation. Tell me what you think!

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to be honest the voices suck its not well animated and the drawings' a litlle sloppy but other than that good job

I love satam

but this realy diddnt feel like a episode Id rather buy the boxset but good idea with snivley taking charge


not bad for a first. Looking forward to more of your stuff

Not bad, for a first movie.

Well, I didn't mind it. I'm more relieved to see that there are people on Newgrounds that pay tribute to SatAM than anything else.

And to anyone here planning on working for Sega:

If you want SatAM back on the air, that's great. But just make sure Ben Hurst, Len Janson and Pat Allee are the writers, and get aws many of the original VAs back as possible (Tails and Bunnie would be kind of impossible, but everyone else). Especially Jim Cummings! Then the show'll totally own, regardless of the animation.


I FULLY intend on working for SEGA when in a few years and the first...uhh..SECOND thing I plan to do is get Sonic SatAM back on the air with new episodes, but same old style, and this is a great idea for episode 1 in season 3 (episode 27) However, don't get you're hopes up about Dr. Robotnik being gone for good.

(The FIRST thing I'm going to do is create and voice a new character, Namesiw the Tiger Salamander, who is a "lone" freedom fighter ,BUT the reason Dr. Robotnik survived, for reasons known only to him.)

btw you sound NOTHING like Jaleel White (voice of Sonic).