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The Obvious Threat

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A futuristic zombie movie created by:
Mat Stevens, James Leaning, Rory Cooke, Oleg Troy, Arnfinn Moseng, Tim Chauncey.

Music by Robert Jones

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Cool film man really cool film. The animation was great too. I sat there wondering how it looked so clean and if there were built in movements from your software or if you handcrafted every twist and frown. Wicked.

i really like that you took the whole zombie thing and turned it to a whole new perspective. you din't use the stereotypical zombie everyone's used to, and that's good. people like new things. thumbs up.

that proves it

TV will turn you into a zombie

para n2rl

creoo que el bobo de n2r dramatisa

A disturbing masterpiece

Well, I'm not entirely sure what my brain was just subjected to, but I like it. It's a nice twist on the zombie genre that we see all too much of these days. I personally think that using TV zombies was a great idea. The atmosphere was rather dystopian, with the screens everywhere and the inescapability (is that a word?) of it all was a nice touch. The animation style was great. The last thing I expected to see on Newgrounds is a well- animated 3-dimensional masterpiece, but here it is.
While I don't know if it was intentional, I think this presents a strong message. While we may think that we rule over our machines, they often get the better of us, but rather than take over Matrix style, they captivate and zombify us until we can't get enough of them. While this movie was posted in late '06, you can't go a day now without seeing the tech we're all too addicted to. Some people can't go a single day disconnected from the internet, or, god forbid, Facebook (or Google+ now). I think this does well to capture how many of us have changed into zombies in our own way, willingly even. Excellent animation, excellent message, excellent everything. Good job. 5/5 10/10