Romanius II

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In the last installment Romanius took on the might of the youngest Cyclops brother Trollypheus, slaying him to avenge the deaths of many. But, the battle had only begun. There were dark and cruel times ahead. The two remaining Cyclops brothers, Groydonamus and Ograleus have extended their bloody reign by conquering Ceasers Acropolis. They had become an unstoppable force - - and there was only one man who could bring the evil Cyclops brothers to their knees, ending their evil reign forever - - Romanius!

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Good game. Too short.

Romanius II is a game wherein you play the role of Romanius. You must avenge the death of many and defeat the ogres.

Graphics -

The graphics well, aren't bad. They are good but could use some more improvement. The landscapes, units and objects are well drawn yet lack detail. Though I personally like the art style. My suggestion? Add detail.


Sound -

I find the sound to be better than graphics. I like the music in general. The in-game music has still "feeling" to it, even though it is a mere repetition of several seconds of music. The sound effects are quite nice. The soldiers' screams are good. I also find the narration of the prologue and epilogue to be another good point. There isn't much need for improvement. Though the sound effects can be refined.


Gameplay -

Basically, you are something like Achilles. You are a one man army, sent out to defeat on of the remaining ogre brothers. You have a spear and a shield to help you. You have three attacks and one defense maneuver to use in battle. Honestly, I want to see more moves and weapons. It would be cool. Now for your enemies, there are four different types. The rank and file troops, the spearmen and crossbowmen, menacing titans and annoying ballistas. They are very easy to kill, to say the truth. The game is divided into two modes story mode and battle mode. The game is also well equipped with help, as the game tutorial describes all you need to know.

The game indeed is enjoyable yet I found it's lack of difficulty and short duration to be major killjoys. It would help to expand a possible sequel of this game, make it bigger and add some difficulty.


Relay Value -

The game's lack of challenge, short duration and lack of content makes it less replayable. Battle mode isn't much fun to be honest. Though I'll have to give the makers credit for adding a custom battle option.


Pros -


Cons -

Lack of content

In closing this game is fun but short. It can only be enjoyed for a while, but after that there is little to be enjoyed in this game.

6.75 = 7/10

Nice game!

It was a bit hard and challenging , but I like games like these! Anyway , are you gonna make a third one , cause you really should!

Great game!

Seriously, kudos for this.


Great storyline ( continuing from the first )
Great graphics
Pleasant animation ( I liked the ship. ;P )
Downgrade of the Titan's health
New attacks!


Too many potions! ;P Made it too easy.
As much as I enjoyed this game, I would've liked different weapons.



First at all, This game rocked in many ways,
Goodies:Nice Grapics,Great Storyline,Great Gameplay!
Baddies:Lack of different weapons like a Bow or sword and a spear instead of just a spear,More enemies

Great game!! and dont care about ppl laughing with you
Like GaryRocks, You make fun of him because he didnt made Perfect eye's? Am i making fun of you because you suck at spelling english?!
No one is perfect dude, learn that, I bet that you even cant make a soldier like he made!


ok this one was a little better 2 things wrong with it thou ballistas was way to hard to beat i did beat em but there too tough and make the life potions give more life lol dont make give like a millamiterof your bar lol and graphics werent that good iether espacialy the eyes i mean cmon how hard is it to make a circle lol cyclops was actualy pretty fun to beat lol over all nice but some defaults

Credits & Info

4.20 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2006
1:37 PM EST
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