QWERTY Warriors

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Type as fast as you can to survive the enemy threat! Compete for the top spot on the high score boards.


Loved it!

Awesome game!
The only annoying part about it is that if you're not an English speaker as a base language (Like me ;]) you can have some problems, as not knowing the words you have to type.

But it still owns.

Oh and theres a bug where you spell the correct word, it shoots, but doesn't kill the enemy... Happens alot of times actually :/

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Good Game

Graphics: Good graphics, basic but nice looking, a 8 is in order.
Style: Stylish and fun I'll give you a 7.
Sound: I broke my speakers so... I've left it void.
Violence: I got to kill things, so thats above average, with a 6.
Interactivty: I got to test my typing skills so a 8.
Humour: I wasn't really laughing... *shrugs*
Overall: I believe a 7 is good.

I suggest you add a WPM calculator or something.

What is with the shooting at people and missing? And I type at 109 WPM and I got to the point where I was typing faster than it could register and this is from someone who goes through a keyboard a month at word because I'm to fast and heavyhanded.

Other than those gripes it was good.

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I felt like I was back in high school typing class. Actually pretty cool overall though.

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very good game : )

But first, very good idea : D, it catches!

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type for your life

nice game if you want to learn how to type real fast :-)
it's fun to play and a the idea of the game is pretty good.
when you play at hard it gets quite difficult to type the words correct but playing at easy is just dull.

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4.07 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2006
10:53 AM EST
Skill - Typing