Joe's Virtual MySpace 1.1

November 5, 2006 –
February 23, 2008
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Author Comments

An 'escape the room' type game. Use your mouse to find hidden objects by clicking and interacting with items and ultimately escape the room! Are you capable of escaping the room? Are you clever enough! PS. Only reason it's titled MySpace is because it was originally made for my MySpace, which I now deleted...

I've started building my next Escape The Room game!!
Check it out here: www.endlesstower.com


Thanks for the fun game

ok i have the pen, shiny object, the riddle book, n i have been on everything in the computer except the top secrect file and the administrator profile. i know that 311 must be the "sum of five" and i tried all the codes from Python on the "blind man" the one page is torn and i dont undertand "hole in top left" help me. give me a hint please?

I have a shiny object and the pen, I turned on the computer but I accidently turned it off and now it says error 311 etc. And the book says the comp needs power but I already plugged it in :/

is the game file big because it will not load? please answer.

i'm stuck with the pen shiny blue object and i have logged in onto the pc and whats the top secret thing?

I like graphic, nice piece of work, deserving respect, fitting music (not yours, but still OK) ... but it's really hard :P Or it's just me, I always wasn't good in that kind of game.

veeeeeery good!graphics are sweet,and hard game!keep up the good work! (voted 5)

that was a pretty cool, yet simple game. it was a good time waster and nice 'pointers' in it and by pointers, i mean the options of what you can click on in this one.

Fun game but i think it would be better if it was a bit more challenging and longer. Also you should make more movements like when you find the blue shiny thing under the pillow it just says "you found it there" it would be better if the pillow moved.

Kewl game i like it a lot of work has gone into this. needs more challenges tho i can't wait for an updated VERSION. PLEASE MAKE ONE : )

Sadly the password would not work!! Other then that it's a cool idea for a game :)

this was tooooooooooo cewwl i kept going over n over again

Its a hard game once you get into it. I tried all of the 10 digit access codes on the Python thing to try and get into the safe. None work. Anybody know the code?

ARGH I can't figure out your last name!! :(

I like the somewhat haunting music. I'm even considering buying the acid pro whatever it was since i've been looking for a good program...

Good graphics, challenging, the posters in the room made me smile.

Good work (5)

I loved the 3D graphics. I'm still trying to get out of the room, but I already love this game!

it was fun keep up the good work.

It was pretty different/intresting to see and play. Needs work though, you need more things to do more places to go more puzzles to solve. Just my thoughts though. But everything was good also good music, can't wait till a updated version.

It was good. Nice 3d thing.


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3.65 / 5.00