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The Black Halloween

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Author Comments

A rather late Halloween cartoon from the Childrin R Skary series.



I like most of your stuff a lot, but something about this one didn't grab me. It honestly felt incomplete.... Although if one was to ask me what it was missing, I really wouldn't know what to say.

Aurum, stop the abuse.

Aurum, what the hell is your problem? You're making ridiculous assumptions about the character of someone because you don't like their style?

Get a life. You don't have anything better to do than trash someone you don't know over the internet, behind the security of a screen name?

I happen to be a big fan of Katy Towell's. I'm not emo or goth. I can have a dark sense of humor, but nothing too morbid.

What I see in Katy Towell's work is not self pity (where the hell do you see that?) or an overdeveloped sense of morbidness, but the creative work of someone who thinks outside the box, and doesn't take herself too seriously. This flash is a terrific example. It's pitch black, yes, but also funny and perfect for the spirit of Halloween. What's wrong with that?

Also, why do you keep demanding a "point"? Isn't being a stylistic exercise in dark humor, meant to be in the spirit of Halloween sometimes point enough? Again, it may not suit you, but then nothing will please everyone.

Anyway, I apologize if I'm seeming too impassioned here. I'm just a little pissed at Aurum trashing someone he/she doesn't even know over their art, and it's art I happen to appreciate. And the disclaimer at the end hardly justifies any of what he/she said to begin with.

Peace. And keep up the good work, Katy Towell.

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Pointless, Boring and Slow

With respect (since I don't actually know you, but this is what I think),

Just what was the point? Yeah I know, this imagery represents something in your mind or your subconcisous blab blab but seriously who the hell cares? What more have you add to the world with this pointless short? Is it humorous? witty? original? it's just some mediocre flash skill you demostrated and that's reflected in my score.

I saw a few of your other flash submission, looks like you just want attention. You probably don't do anything all day except to dream up all these retarded crap and somehow forces yourself to believe you are misfortunate and emotional...etc. If you don't make an efford to get to know the world, it won't make an efford to get to know you.

Seriously I am sick of flash work like these - when it's not pointless it's predictable; when it's beautiful and semi-interesting it's pointless and dumb. "The little girl" has a common theme that was used everywhere else but was painfully slow and predictable. This is the opposite.

My advice to you - Take some time off and travel, go see the world, see how others are struggling through their real misfortunes, and FIND the BEAUTY in that. Live with the locals there, get out of the tourist area and see what they need/urge/dislike about their life/surrounding/country/world . THEN, come back and make some flash movies about it. Stop the self-pity, stop thinking about yourself, stop thinking about what the world owes you. Learn to forgive and compromise. Expand your horizon and understanding of LIFE.

I know I am judging you here with no understanding of you but just listen to what I said and pick up the ones that's right for you. I apologize if there are points I made that is not you. Remember real listening is the willingness to let the other person change you. So listen to me. I don't know you at all but I care about everyone, including you.

Will you marry me?

This is one of the reasons Newgrounds is great. Artists like crookedsixpence, Krinkles, and the good Clocks are amazing. Now, back to this...
This is a masterpiece. It maybe my macabre and morbid humor, but this was funny how she killed everyone. Both sets of music worked equally well for their parts. The tone in general is dark and gloomy, the way i like it. Finally, i liked the way the neighborhood looked afterwards and the casket filled with candy.
After watching your stories, i have to watch something like madness to bring the creepyness down.
Alfred Spills

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Nice Work

Very entertaining and impressive imagery you've used,the venetian style mask,the horse drawn hearse,the markings on the homes that were infected (reminiscent of other epidemics).. Your choice of musical score was also well done.Not what you would expect for a scene of cold blooded mass murder. Very well executed through out.

Simple childish desire hides within us all. What form will it take?

The style you use has created a new standard, who would you say has had the most influence in your choice of art?Absolutely perfect for Halloween, with a humorously macabre twist.

Until i arouse from my sleep again,

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Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2006
7:09 PM EST
Comedy - Original