The Uptown Brothel

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Heres a somewhat sexy game where you explore a bothel to find obects that make things happen. This game is absolutely not safe for work!

I stopped working on this game not too long ago because
I simply lost interest and moved on to working on other things.
I posted it here in its very unfinished state to see if maybe it is worth finishing.


I love it!

Pleas Finish It For the Sake of all Furry Fans!

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that was great!
for the love of god finish it!

Very Well Done

It has the potential to be the best furry game on Newgrounds. Finish it, it is definatly worth it.

You should add some more sex scenes, and to unlock them, have to give a special item to the girl. Like give a bunny a carrot, give a pokemon a pokeball, and one of the B.R. people a whip or something.

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Finish it it could be better than High Tail High orTail Underground

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I Personally love Furry (Or is it yiffy I never got that right *scratches head*)

Ok like the last guy, yes it would be nice to be able to "Enjoy" all the girls in the game.

There should be more items yes but, make it kinda puzzling though... make it hard to get some of the more beautiful women and easy to get uglier ones.

(For instance, you can give a one-of-a-kind item to a ugly girl to get in her panties real fast, or you can use it as part of a number of items to get a really hot girl)

And that would make it replayable, Now as for the sex actions in general, please get better music, the one for the dog-girl in the park just completly killed it.

The 3d room was great but put more in it, like small hiden area's or even better a tree or object that if you pass through it, transports you into a hidden area that has easter eggs (Cheats) that would make it alot more fun as well.

What was the deal with the shooting game thought with that girl at the pool? I never got past it and I was kinda confused about it, Why would you put something like that in a clearly, pornographic game. the game was fun but it was weird how it showed up in this game.

I would recomend (if possible) to put 3 sections into the more beautiful women which would go something like: Meeting and groping > Dress-up (or down :D) > Sex. that would make it interesting.

I know doing all that would take a loooonnnnnggggg time.
So just pick out what you think is good after all these are just suggestions.

Oh and the longest review I ever wrote for a submission.

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3.11 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2006
3:01 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click