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2006| Nick Steel - Intr.

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Author Comments

Get here for free: http://www.adobe.com/sho

~ Time: 7 minutes
Special Agent Nick Steel is invited to an exclusive german celebrity party in Berlin. Suddenly Terrorists attack and all hell breaks lose. Will Steel save the day?

- This Movie features a menu to pause, skip scenes, change quality and activate subtitles or the "Howard Sez" mode.
When the last one is activated you can read Making-Of material during the movie.

- If you liked this cartoon or want to share helpful critics then please write a review. Then I´m more motivated to animate the next Nick Steel episode :-)

And now ENJOY!

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Geile Verarsche über Angela Merkel. Und dann dieser Heißluftballon mit dem Sat.1 Logo!^^

Awesome parody about Angela Merkel. And then this hot balloon with the Sat.1-logo!^^

[Eight points]

After watching this episode, I've read something like "OMG REVIEW OR NO MORE !1!1!1!". I was frustrated as I left no reviews since a long time. You, Mister Howard, make me writing something. I shall thank you for this.
Let's get the review started :

Graphics : Improved. Quite surprised by the better graphics in LOP2 (cool game, I recommand everyone who reads my review to play it), I think they are much prettier (blur effects, differents characters...).
Style : James Bond (and Austin Powers) style. Nothing more to say.
Sound : Considering Tiong's voice performance, this rate goes up to 10. Furtheremore I appreciate the high quality of the other sounds.
Violence : Oh bloody ! Too much violence in these films... Seriously, I found it nice.
Interactivity : Yes. There are. Check out the bottom of the screen.
Humor : Less humourous than LOP2, I rated it average. The beginning, the Japanese tourists and Angie increases the rate.

Overall : Very nice movie. I understand it is hard to draw frame-by-frame scenes, but they worth it anyway. As for the length, to my mind it was a little bit short. Oh and sorry about your home, I hope it will be rebuilt on the next episode...

Keep it up ! (damn it's good to write a review sometimes...)

Isn't supposed to be Dick Steel...

His the guy who makes stupid mistakes all the time... Anyway, the graphics were decent...Its quite good stuff, but not to be a nudge, U really do have to spend some more time, all the graphics weren't real, like when the AK-47 was taken out WITHOUT the hand touching it...Have someone actually putting a fist around it...U get my point. Although the Interactivity for the movie was outstanding, I havent seen one of those Play and Pause buttons for a long time in a movie, Thats why u get a 10

NG's loyal servant,
(No offence, Ok)

Holy-Howard responds:

Thanks for the critics.
I´ll try to watch out for that next time ;)

Great work.

I found this piece to be done really well, the color scheme and graphics where right on. The animation was nice and smooth, and the voices/sound were perfect. The humor was the best part of this film, well that's what I think. Good job.

Holy-Howard responds:


it was great!!!!

i really liked it, every scene on it! great! do more! i especially liked the scenes <<yeah, right>> ,oh, shes so beautifull, and the guy who, after the <<fatality>> said...<<toasty!!!!>>.do more!
still, how did you do the effect in the scene that nick steel (rofl)
throws the <<another cool gadjet>>on the choppers window, and then the half screen blurs,showing the faces of those in the hellicopter, and then showing the gadjet? did you used photoshop in flash, or did you used just a tool in flash?
however, good flash! keep it up!! good flash!!!!!

Holy-Howard responds:

Thanks for the review.
The blureffect was just a mix between blur and tweening. No Photoshop or other Tool ;)