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edit: FRONT PAGE AT LAST!! WOOOOOT! Thanks a billion Mr.Tom Fulp, and thanks to some of the awesome reviews that supported me well! I'd like to thank everyone from the Dosgames forums also for their help!

*MEDIUM or LOW Quality RECOMMENDED to avoid lag in slower systems*

DOS attacks Man kind, 25 years after it's creation, by releasing it's own artificially intellegent Human like being called... "The DOS-MAN"

Hope ya like it :-)


Someone's never heard of Photoshop...

Dude, you used too many filters. Don't do that if you don't need to. If you need to blur the backgrounds, do it in Photoshop and import it into flash.

Damn, the play-back was so slow half the time I couldn't tell what was going on! Minimalize your use of the filters within Flash before you attempt to make another animation, please.


i also remember that game from when i was a kid except i can't remember what it was called can someone tell me cause i so want to play it again it was the funnest game i have ever played and your video rocked brought back so many good memmories of me and ms-dos.

jackbliss responds:

It's called 'Dangerous Dave' done by John Romero. I've mentioned it in the credits. You can probably find it at most classic dos game sites (I've mentioned those in the Credits too) Thanks for the great review and happy gaming! :-)

LOL Dangerous Dave sure is dangerous in this movie

Maybe next time you should rise Commander Keen, his gun might be more powerful. ZAP... yea. Well done.

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jackbliss responds:

Hmmm... I think you've just given me an idea for a Sequel!

Damn Dos-Man

Yeah, yeah. I dont like Dos-Man, would be cooler if it was made into a game and if i was the boss i would have punched that employee then throw the coffee at him with the mug, still hate
DOS-MAN, and the C:/Dos, C:/Dos/Run, Run/Dos/ Run or whatever it was, they got that form The Simpsons


it was aiiight. the story line in the beginning didnt really add up, couldnt really tell what was goin on. ive seen better

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3.42 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2006
11:37 AM EST
Comedy - Original