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edit: FRONT PAGE AT LAST!! WOOOOOT! Thanks a billion Mr.Tom Fulp, and thanks to some of the awesome reviews that supported me well! I'd like to thank everyone from the Dosgames forums also for their help!

*MEDIUM or LOW Quality RECOMMENDED to avoid lag in slower systems*

DOS attacks Man kind, 25 years after it's creation, by releasing it's own artificially intellegent Human like being called... "The DOS-MAN"

Hope ya like it :-)

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I never thought I was going to see him again! I loved that game as a kid, and I had mostly forgotten about it until I saw this. Anyway, good animation, pretty funny, but again, props for using Dangerous Dave...best game ever.

It was funny.

It was a strange clip infact I could not really understand what they were saying but I have to say overall it was a really good clip and I liked the music for at the end of theclip when the boy stabbes the guy with the knife.

Not bad, although it did get a little weird.

Pretty funny movie. Lots of nice interchangeable moments with the sprite and the drawings. My only gripe was that it seemed to fall apart at the end without any direction. It just seemed like the first half was ready to go, but then it just decided to take a bizarre turn for the better or worse. But I liked it, very interesting and original Newgrounds movie.

jackbliss responds:

Well let me just say that this movie was greatly inspired by the Movie 2001 Space Odyssey (as mentioned in the Credits) which also has a relatively bizarre ending that makes the viewer think on his own a little more to judge what REALLY happened. So instead of presenting the usual blah ending with everything explained, I gave a slight twist to the entire plot by making the ending seem very detached from the rest of the movie. This was risky but as you said, it gave the whole movie an entirely new level of originality and a powerful unexpected after-effect. Anywayz I'm glad you liked the movie for what it was.

Maybe I should make another movie to explain this movie's ending some time lol.

Thanks for taking the time to review...

Pretty good!

Well, this is a pretty good flash. But I thought that DOS-Man sounded a bit weird with that high-pitched voice. Loved that anthem at the end of it *falling laughing onto the floor*. 8/10.


jackbliss responds:

Thanks for the good review and for the official "RECOMMENDED" approval mark lol

Didn't like it.

Interesting idea and all, but not my type. Not saying it's bad, I just didn't find it very funny. Once again, it WAS an interesting idea. You should make this into a game or something, a platformer similiar to Mario, that would be cool. By the way, the DOS prompt looking thing matched the video and was a good idea.