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End of your computer.

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~ This is one fo those flashes that I absolutely dispise. It had no purpose, no meaning, no reason to even exist. The graphics weren't the best, you co-auhoured someone who obviously has nothing to do with the project, and you gave the movie a comppletely inaccurate rating. Combine that with the fact that it had no pre-laoder, play, or replay buttons, looped, and wasn't funny or entertainign in any way, and you havea pretty crappy flash. The one thing that I liked was the music. It had good quality, and I liked it. But that isn't enough to save this abhorrent flash. ~

{ 0/5 }

BlueBlobClock responds:

Wow, you boggled my mind ith your big words. ^_^
Thanks for leaving a shittycocksucking review!


once again i thought, yay another new flash from turdclock! and once again, i was misled. its just not funny anymore

Very trippy

One of the more "out-there" flash submissions Ive seen. I cant help but like it


I swear clock crew is ruining newgrounds, everyday so many crap submisions are made, really get a life.

Very bad

As soon as it looped I was done, no self respecting flash artist would loop a animations that poorly done after a short time.