DotVille deluxe

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--- UPDATE ---

Play "DotVille deluxe" now!
This is the latest version of my game.
what's new?
- the DotMentor guides you through the game
- revised gameplay and graphics
- submit your score to neodelight.com (TOP 1000)

--- UPDATE ---

Back in the 80s i played a textbased economic game
on my Commodore PLUS4 - I don't know the name but I know that i was fascinated. (edit: maybe it was Santa Paravia - thanks&greets to Doki-Tokei)

Then in 2005 i found "dark emperor", a free java-based mobile game in german language (google knows the place ;) -- and i wanted to do that in flash. I copied some of the game mechanics of both games and added a bunch of nonsense. And here it is!

In fact, it's a dice game. So don't get frustrated when you have bad luck!

Reading the instructions is highly recommended!

*** WOOT! Frontpage & Daily 3rd Place! Thank you, NG! ***



This games really fun and addicting. I give it a 5/5


I have played this game cuite a few times before so I'm cuite good at it..
Would have written an ten if you could fix the statues ( cant buy e'm?)
but you dont need 100 times to make it dragonslayer123, no it's wery easy actuly but I would sugest you reed manuals first, thats how I learned.

Tip: You can degrees there number of food to 5 and then reduse there tax to 45 without much happening axept you wont have to build as many farms.
buy market instead it brings in more money, 5 farms as much what youl have.

off coarse you kan buy many farms and ten sell them for cuite a feew and buy all else you need.

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Warning these are cheat.....click on deluxeand three boxes will come out yellow green and red yellow will give u cash and red will bring u to last battle and green will make u loose bye!

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I like it but....

I like it but I suck at it.
It is too hard

Too hard

There are too little rounds to play with. Make it 100 or so. And there are too many events that decrease happiness.Fix that and it's gonna be 10

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4.07 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2006
6:22 PM EST
Simulation - Other