Sonic Halloween Costume 2

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can your reviews please be relevant to the flash rather than your opinions on the sonic franchise in general? thank you! I couldn't care less about how much you fapped over tails when you were little. try and tell me how I can improve on my animation.

1. I know its a little late for halloween, I removed the movie last week because I found it was too early but I then had problems resubmitting and I couldnt customise anything in my flash until now.
2. Sonic would never use guns lat alone twin Uzi's
3. Shadow would never act like that
4. Sonic would never kill Tails.

at the end of the day, this is fucking newgrounds and anything can happen.

Please enjoy and happy late halloween!

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I love going back to my childhood although I listened in Spanish but thank you very much ;)



Old School af

MylesAnimated or MentalMyles as I like to call him - page inspired everything on my AbsurdTyler Page! :D Awesome memories to look back on. As a teenager I loved all of your animated videos. My favorite one of yours is that "Christmas mistletoe rape video". I find your style so unique. Thank you MentalMyles for inspiring me and being the reason I created my page to begin with. I'm always going to be a fan of you and your work.

Sincerely, AbsurdTyler.