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UPDATE: We've changed the title to Halo PC Quiz becaus many,many,many people keep mistaking this for a Halo Xbox Quiz. It's a HALO PC QUIZ and in Halo PC Cortana is purple and the sniper zoom's to 8X!!

UPDATE: thanks for putting our game into the halo section people!

Here is a Quiz that TheDeathOfHell and me have been working on for a few weeks! i hope you enjoy it!

(note: The quiz is mostely halopc questions)

TheDeathOfHell: 2 thumbs and toes up!
(TheDeathOfHell (also knows as HELLBOY))


good but

the only flaw with it is, why do you have it to where if you get one problem wrong you die?

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Not a good quiz

You specifically say that this is HALO PC QUIZ, but you mention Xbox crap and you mention Mombassa, which is halo 2, the Sniper Rifle zoom is to 10x, Cortana is Purple, Blue, and Green, if you know crap. about the game. And the "Do you play halo" question, is a load of Bull. You also mention stuff from the books.


thats quiz was easy i did the whole thing in liek 10 min i mean i play halo alot i read the books and i go on forums on halo web sites im addictied to halo lol!!!

u r smart

this was hard but i aced it

wow, um...

i havent played halo in a while and i have never known the hard questions 'cept for the first one, so i had to make educated guesses.
("What education? I had no CLUES!")
Good Game.

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Nov 4, 2006
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