Robotech Sentinels Part 2

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Robotech: Sentinels Part II continues the series in a grand way. The mission of the Robotech Defenders unfolds as they near the launch date of their flaghship the SDF-3. Their mission – to take any possible conflict to the stars!

Thanks to Depredation and many others for their continued support for the project! I have dedicated a lot of work to this project.

Horray! I got 2nd place!

*Addendum* Shard-Mad is supposed to be Shardspider. He also played Exedore.

Opiumskum should also be in the credits. Is he?


Yay for Gundams...

Well, not that I could do better, it could use some work, the voice acting didn't match the mouth movements, it could do with some subtitles since not all the voice acting was completely articulate, the fact that it seems sort of like a comic book and still runs well as a flash is really nice, great job, and I hope your next one is just as good or better.

MedMapGuy responds:

I really wanted to put subtitles, but somehow my flash program kept crashing so I scrapped the idea. I always thought this series would be sort of a moving comic feature. Its nice, huh? Voice acting problems aside...

Wish I could do something like that

How freaking cool isnt this?!
You made like a mini Gundam in flash! (At least I think its Gundam inspired).
Only negative thing I can say is that some of the eyes where a bit funny. (But I dont have the right to say since I probably couldnt do better myself, I havent even posted any of my flashes).
I love the Gundam series, so Ive got great hope's about this flash will continue further on.

Love this flash, WhiteDragon.

MedMapGuy responds:

Robotech is quite a different beast from Gundam, but its odd that you compare this show to Gundam since most of the original shows based on Robtech were inspired from Gundam.

Sorry, but I'm really struggling with the anime style of drawing. Usually I draw stick figures with dots for eyes!


Wow it's what I say! This episode was not too much interesting but I can quite see where ye are going.
There's couple of thins you should work on:
1-Improve your chara talking, animate their mouths according to their dialoges, avoiding those loops.
2-Check out for your image's borders, there's still in some of them a little border that doesn't look very well, try to erase it by smoothing the edges. If you optimize the shape's and then work on them, they will look better... Most of your pictures are ok with that, but you still should check em all.
This is just a suggestion but it can be yet very useful.
3-Create a menu on the top to choose the scene, make it appear each time "_mousey < 25" (or something like that, if you don't know how to script it, ask in the forums, I´m sure there will be plenty of people who could be willing to help ya with that.
Well that's all, keep going with your anime work.
And then I repeat WOW


Yo,hotdog here... very nice man,good art,sure the lip syncing was a lil off,but overall nice. If you need me to voice act again,anytime for anything,lemme know...next time give credit to my username opiumskum though,because hot dog heaven was just put as my email name, becauase I didn`t wanna put my real name.

Anyway,good job,keep up the good work and if you need me for anything else,don`t hesitate to ask.


you even put in the commercial break just like the series..
this is very accurate, and very well done..

good job this should probably go in to the robotech series more than genesis climber mospada... for anyone who knows about the series being 3 different shows smushed together and being called robotech.

MedMapGuy responds:

I really tried to keep this film as close to the shows as possible. I don't understand though, why you referred to my show being closer to Mospeada, since I used some Southern Cross designs if you'll see closely...

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3.89 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2006
6:04 PM EST