Robotech Sentinels Part 2

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Robotech: Sentinels Part II continues the series in a grand way. The mission of the Robotech Defenders unfolds as they near the launch date of their flaghship the SDF-3. Their mission – to take any possible conflict to the stars!

Thanks to Depredation and many others for their continued support for the project! I have dedicated a lot of work to this project.

Horray! I got 2nd place!

*Addendum* Shard-Mad is supposed to be Shardspider. He also played Exedore.

Opiumskum should also be in the credits. Is he?



It is pretty good but I assum,e you have to know about the original robotech stryline (I never even heard of it before now) if you want to understand this story. this is however MUCH better than your old animations which are just laughable in terms of the animation quality even if it is obvious that effort went into them. I didn't rate them though as these are re-makes and will be better and it owuld be unfair to say bad things about an animation that you are re-making. Still some more info on the story would be nice. 3/5

MedMapGuy responds:

You know, the problem I am facing now is the problem facing the current revival of the franchise - nobody know what the heck Robotech is.

BTW, didya check the extras section of my flash? Aw man! I had spent a lot of effort trying to cram as much info for people who don't know much about Robotech. Giving me a six does seem too harsh for all my efforts.

Fuzzy animation :S

The style is definitely there, and its got that old anime feel to it

but ive noticed some problems, its rather difficult to put into works but the images you made, seem fuzzy, not well defined or toned out. I think the best example i can think of is the scene where the cadet is firing missiles, practically 4 frames, missiles don't even turn.

It seems ignored or neglected as it were

don't get me wrong is much better then what i can do, and your drawing of the craft if its just one frame is great, but the overall image of the animation is "fuzzy". Not defined. And there are things you can do to improve it. I was never a fan of the robotech series, but im always glad to see people remaking the any old series, keeps the past alive :)

Also i hate the characters >.(! wimps .P "boo hoo, I'm a military man but I'm upset over slightly screwing up in an unfair test" What did they teach this guy in bootcamp? to hug kittens? heh, that asside its good work .)

MedMapGuy responds:

As I said earlier, I'm really having difficult nailing the anime style! I may be a fan of this show, but I grew up drawing stick figured humans and deformed smiley-faced people! I'm trying to improve, so we'll see...

I intended for a slightly fuzzy effect on the characters to give them a little more depth... or something.

As for this Jack "I am maniac" Baker and his little rampage, I thought I'd add a bit of emo weirdness in his behavior. Besides, it's a post apocalyptic world in Robotech, so I guess people would be feeling pissed.

Hey man, you made another one!

It's good that you did, anime fans today need to know this story, and I didnt think no one responding to your first effort was a good excuse to discontinue the series. Good for you!

MedMapGuy responds:

It was tough, you know? Continuing a series that seemed unpopular at first. Of course, its extremely difficult serving a crowd that doesn't seem to know this show, save for a handful of old time fans - but I'll certainly try!


You took this theme and idea STRAIGHT from the book and robotech movie. This story is NOT origonal and anyone who has either read the books or seen the movie knows you took this right from them. Try comeing up with something origonal you lieing scum bucket.

MedMapGuy responds:

Well, I suppose I gotta respect this opinion - But didn't I say that this whole thing was a remake of the movie? And is suppose to continue the comics to some degree?

Besides, its the 21st century, and very few people actually watched the movie or even read the comic. What's wrong with an update? The Japanese are known for remaking their shows, such as Macross with Do You Remember Love, and Gundam with all those movies. So please, lets not get too worked up on this...

It brings me back to the good old days.

Every day right after school, Robotech helped made my day. Eating my snack, while drama was going on the show. Man and women climing to be better automachinics, techincians, and people. Man, I do not care what anyone says about your work, continue to make more thats all I have to say. One request is that make the voice a little louder so I can hear. Good job and make more.

MedMapGuy responds:

Wow. Good to see people still have fond memories of Robotech!

Yeah, I find it curious that people consider my flash underwhelming considering there hasn't been any good anime sci-fi themed episodic flash series for some time now...

I'll see what I can do for the sequel. I'm working on something based on Macross, and although it might not be entirely original, consider it a tribute of sorts.

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Nov 3, 2006
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