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Robotech Sentinels Part 2

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Author Comments

For more info on the film, check out:
http://robotechflash.blog .com/

Robotech: Sentinels Part II continues the series in a grand way. The mission of the Robotech Defenders unfolds as they near the launch date of their flaghship the SDF-3. Their mission – to take any possible conflict to the stars!

Thanks to Depredation and many others for their continued support for the project! I have dedicated a lot of work to this project.

Horray! I got 2nd place!

*Addendum* Shard-Mad is supposed to be Shardspider. He also played Exedore.

Opiumskum should also be in the credits. Is he?

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A little Biased but..

This is an awesome vid, I enjoyed doing the narration on it, and it's good to see the rest of the video turned out very well, a little shoddy on the audio compression but that's understandable given when this was made. Again awesome job.
Also, if ya need any more voice work, don't hesitate to send me a message, I have a nice new condenser mic now :D

Not bad (it went under my radar O_o)

Well it is a pretty good considering its done in flash and you kept it pretty much like the episode they show in the DVD collection. Sure I noticed that some thing where different but I took it as you taking libertiy and adding some flare. Thats cool and all, but hmmm I don't know that part were Baker goes on a punching fit just doesn't really fit with his character. Then again it does if you don't know how he is suppose to act so its cool anyways. Hmm I think the music in the backround made it hard to hear certain parts. Also when the jerk cadet is talking you barley hear what he says, so you might want to fix that for the next episode. Or at least make it that when it big inportant speechs or things of the such the backround either be really low, or none at all. But other than little details I can't wait for the next. I also want to know if your gonna show the wedding or not. Mabey even change it around who knows, I just can't wait (just like I can't wait until they bring out the movie in theaters where they explain some parts of the sentinels I think its called Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, ohh so close yet so hard to wait for it).

Good episode.

__The Good__
The animation was nice! The robots looked pretty detailed and the backgrounds were great too. The music throughout this whole movie was great, I love hearing that music again. It brought back good memories of my Robotech days. The action in this was pretty cool. I also liked the story.

__The Bad__
The style wasn't all that great.

__Over All__
A good flash about Robotech. Nice job on this flash, keep up the good work!

ork that wen

+++ Plenty of interesting, well-written info.

++ Great tunes during menus/extras.

- though they could loop better.

-- On pages 4,5,6 of the 'canon, continuity and beyond' section, text is extremely hard to read on the left. You dimmed the white on page 3, but not subsequently!

- Text is kinda hard to read. Justified or left-aligned text would work better than centred. Maybe a lighter, smaller font for the book?

- In bio of Rick, surely 2nd paragraph should all be in past tense? Confuses.

+++ Great drawings. Looks just like the pro thing from some screens! Specially the vehicles and ships, which are flawless throughout.

+++ Great voice-acting. They sound as they should (age, microphoned...) and acting's good too.

---- Terrible lip-synching.

-- I couldn't understand voices at times. No subtitles.

-- tweened motion for joints looked dodgy.

- Some pixelly edges on some things.

Street scene and high scene above city's backgrounds have lovely backgrounds. Did you really draw everything in here yourself?

I'm astounded by the amount of work that went into this. You obviously love the series and it's a great tribute.

Read all the text apart from one or two sections, watched the movie twice. But a lot of it was overly confusing for me and I was struggling to keep up. Bios helped though.

Optional subtitles would let me enjoy it a lot more, I think.

.............................. .............................. .............................. .....................
.............................. .............................. .............................. .....................
By the way, I've got a few original Robotech comics. If you pay for the postage, I'll gladly let you have them in exchange for... a drawing of an elephant.

MedMapGuy responds:

While I appreciate the criticism, you didn't have to give me such a lousy score. It was extremely difficult as it is working on these kinds of films, and with just 2 people on the planet making Robotech stuff, ya shouldn't be too harsh cuz its quite discouraging.

About the problem with lip-synching. A lot of people pointed it out, but I'm really, really confused! I mean, you know that Starcraft series that's so popular right now? The one with the all the 3D effects? (Most recent film was Starcraft Infestation). That film had some pretty, okay fine, bad character art with terrible lip syching, but people never complained. I wonder if there is double standards in this site... :(

I never studied animation, so tweened joints may be the only thing I'll ever do! Arrg!

Lastly, everything was made by me with Photoshop and Flash. As I said, its very time-consuming. And getting a score like 6 is quite painful to the ego.

I tried adding subtitles, but I encountered an error. I really tried. Took me 3 days to decide to omit the subtitles!

Lastly, is that last offer for real?? I'm PMing you as I write this. (That elephant thing though...)

You damn well nailed it

Man that's a great job on that.I'm a fan of Robotech from way back and I really love what you did with it.I hope you'll make more as well.Thanks for reviving a classic series...even if it's only a few times.