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All NG Fads Die!!! 5!!!

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Nov 3, 2006 | 8:37 AM EST

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Author Comments

*Flash 8 Player Required and Medium Quality Recommended for slower computers*

EDIT: Holy shit! Daily Second! Thanks a lot guys! No AFD has ever scored anything higher than Daily 3rd! This is awesome! Thanks for the FP Tom!

This is the Fifth(technically sixth) movie in the All NG Fads Die (AFD) Series hosted HERE on Newgrounds. As usual, we've taken out some of the big names on NG, and in the same kick-ass style.

Before we get to the fun shit, we need to go over you asshole reviewers to save time.
"You guys killed [Insert Fad]! You guys are mean!" - We're not mean. We probably love the fad as much as you do.
"You guys are just jealous that they're better than you." - That's not necessarily true. We have some great animators.
"You guys are assholes who kill our favorite animations!" - We do it as a tribute of sorts to our favorite animations.
"You guys killed [Insert Fad Killed] and that's not a fad!" - We have expanded our branches byond things just limited to NG or even things just popular, not even fads.
"Who killed [Insert Fad Killed]?" - In the bios section of the menu, there is a section saying who killed what. Also, names are before the parts.
Hopefully I just saved a bunch of people time from leaving these type of reviews. Then again, who the fuck reads this shit?

This round features animations from:

There is also a LOT of music in this one, so here is a full list:
I Want To Fucking Break It - Static X
Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit
Start A War - Static X
Threshold - Slayer
Bulls On Parade - Rage Against The Machine

Last but not least, enjoy the movie. If you feel like joining in for AFD6, we have a thread in the BBS and there is a link in the menu.




Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love you! but not in a gay way

This collab is great, I think it shoulda got the daily. The animation is great, You gave it to everyone who deserved it, good job.

Radioactive24 responds:

It was against what ever game Ed McMillen cranked out the day before. If I had known that, I would have subbmitted later. We had no chance. Anyways, good to hear you like it. But only a 9 on violence? I guess we need to step it up.

- Radioactive24


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Whooo die transformer die!!

Greatest one in the collection! I loved it i cant wait for no. 6. Gona be great!!

Radioactive24 responds:

Great to hear! 6 is currently in production, but hopefully it'll be out in the mid-spring or so.

- Radioactive24


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fuckin awsome

That was the shit! I WANT THOSE SONGS!!!

Radioactive24 responds:

All the songs are written out in the authors notes and in the menu (I believe).

Also, good to know you liked it.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Funny

I voted this in my monthly top ten, and I am happy to see another All NG Fads Die cartoon. After "weight wins", you should've written "Fatality".


Rated 3 / 5 stars


I hear this is a long-running series. Some say it's crap, others say it's great, while others say it could've been better. I saw this episode myself--more than once (I'll get into that later)--and I'd have to agree with the first and third opinions.

When I first heard of it, this piece seemed an intriguing diversion. A bit of artistic expression, parody, and perhaps reverence. An homage to our favorite material, characters, and artists.

As work on it progressed, I saw bits and pieces that showed promise. But I began to wonder if it was a right choice. Maybe it wasn't tweaked enough times. Maybe the timing was off in some of the scenes. I don't know all of the characters or their origins--though I do know of a few. Was this in the spirit of honoring the original, or was it simply an outlet to show off an ability to be as spasmodically bloody as possible? Were these characters in their home themes quite as violent, every time?

The makers might claim it was artistic license. I suppose that can be forgiven.

When I look at it objectively, the quality level jumps up and down. Some parts are well animated and carry a theme and plot, while others stick to a single idea and then blast forward.

In the menu, couldn't there have been a list of every single one of these characters and then their bios, or perhaps histories of their origin titles? I ask that for the sake of being honest to the original works. Not everybody is familiar with these characters. Seeing them from only the angle delivered in this flash may skew an inexperienced viewer's general opinion/knowledge of the true licensed work. Just a disclaimer doesn't seem sufficient. If your own work were turned into something very different from your intended meaning, how would you feel?

Lastly, I think Helbereth should be doing his very own cartoons. He shouldn't need to rely on community efforts like collaborations to hold up his art.

Try harder, guys. The idea sounds like it might have lasting power--ironically since it's a killer of fads...which I'm sure was already said by a number of other reviewers. Less ill-defined sound. More completed pieces.

I mean, hell, Solid Snake is among my favorite characters. Seeing him sacrifice himself in such a way was poetic (and in keeping with his character; he's a soldier, after all). And the sight of Optimus Prime biting it was gratifying. There wasn't any blood, not that I saw. Just charred innards and a headless chassis floating into oblivion. If the whole piece ran like that, it might not be so bad.

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Radioactive24 responds:

Therough review, bravo.

I will say that we don't claim any characters as our own, unless they are our own.

Also, in the bios section, it does say what fad the artist killed. NOt so much where it came from, as was the general theme, but, it's a good idea and we'll see where it goes next time.

also, Helbereth (as far as I know) does his own movies, although he hasn't finished many. I will blame WoW for that one.

This IS basicly a giant tribute, as I have said a billion times before.

Well, I'm tired, lazy, and I don't feel like regurgitating everything I have said times before. Basicly, I'm just gonna tell you to read for reviews that look similar to yours and look at my replies.

- Radioactive24