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All NG Fads Die!!! 5!!!

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*Flash 8 Player Required and Medium Quality Recommended for slower computers*

EDIT: Holy shit! Daily Second! Thanks a lot guys! No AFD has ever scored anything higher than Daily 3rd! This is awesome! Thanks for the FP Tom!

This is the Fifth(technically sixth) movie in the All NG Fads Die (AFD) Series hosted HERE on Newgrounds. As usual, we've taken out some of the big names on NG, and in the same kick-ass style.

Before we get to the fun shit, we need to go over you asshole reviewers to save time.
"You guys killed [Insert Fad]! You guys are mean!" - We're not mean. We probably love the fad as much as you do.
"You guys are just jealous that they're better than you." - That's not necessarily true. We have some great animators.
"You guys are assholes who kill our favorite animations!" - We do it as a tribute of sorts to our favorite animations.
"You guys killed [Insert Fad Killed] and that's not a fad!" - We have expanded our branches byond things just limited to NG or even things just popular, not even fads.
"Who killed [Insert Fad Killed]?" - In the bios section of the menu, there is a section saying who killed what. Also, names are before the parts.
Hopefully I just saved a bunch of people time from leaving these type of reviews. Then again, who the fuck reads this shit?

This round features animations from:

There is also a LOT of music in this one, so here is a full list:
I Want To Fucking Break It - Static X
Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit
Start A War - Static X
Threshold - Slayer
Bulls On Parade - Rage Against The Machine

Last but not least, enjoy the movie. If you feel like joining in for AFD6, we have a thread in the BBS and there is a link in the menu.


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Seemed kind of dumb to me...

lol I enjoyed it haha and also the author comments hillarious about other reviewers lol

so for number six can you take on the following fad
ametuer game reveiwers such as smoshgames ,angryjoeshow ,tftw with steve and larson, etc
also a couple of the personal desriptions where hard to read due to small letters

YenMuffin - I hear ya bud, I just watched these again after years and years of time has pasted. I remember when the very first AFD came out from Logo Presents.
Christ, I used to have Logo on my Msn (Ken) best fucking guy to chat with at 2am on a Sunday, spent many hours laughing my ass off.

Best things on Newgrounds still. :)

This has aged well.

I've been watching this since it was submitted years ago and I still feel that Solid Snake and Optimus Prime set to Slayer is an epic ending to an epic collab.