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Eulogy For 'powerrangers on germany'

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11-02-06 – 09-25-17

Author Comments

Powerrangers dance on germany, it took me a few months so enjoy!



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my eyes

once again you have succeded in... well nothing really, youd get better feedback if your load screen didnt take forever...


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Not that good.

You've got a loop of a Power Range moving across a map of Germany, both of which seem rather poor graphics. Overlapping music doesn't work well either, and changing that would be the only helpful advice I could offer, if not for the fact the I've no doubt you did it on purpose.


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what a waste.

this was a waste of bandwidth. First, pick one audio track and stick with it. Second, use decent images. Third, knock off the spazzy seizure graphics.

This was really poor.


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Wow. The two music tracks didn't fit at all, the lopp was annoying, the graphics were poor (No $_$'s at all,) and the random circles of colour?, The power ranger was black and white, copied off the internet, and in fact my favourite bit of it was the loading scene. Next time? I pray feverently there wont be a next time, but if there is, you should try doing something OTHER than tweening. Plus, try to NOT do something like that again too.


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and THAT took you a few months???


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This is done for minutes not months.


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there is just one powerranger on germany. Anyway, bad joke, pure unfunny nonsense.


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You like that song

You really like that song it seems, Also you enjoy these fast submissions maybe you should think about making some of these interactive.

You could make these interactive somehow to give them more life then they have. maybe even adding this short clip to a flash with lots of short clips.



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