digi nutshell

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all of digimon summed up in a battle against pieceofcrapmon!! inspired by dbz in a nutshell, sound by Ego n company.

IMPORTANT: A big thank you to BoyliciousDarian who helped me fix this movie and as of 01/02/04 the size of the movie has been cut to a fraction and the sound flow fix!


you fucking stole the sound

the pictures changed but it was still stolen from digimon in a nutshell

This is identical to Digimon-in a nutshell

The audio is identical... which one is a rip-off?


im not a digimon fan by any means, but the flash was worth taking a look at.

here's how to fix your sound

Right click on the keyframe where you put your sound in the first place, and change the sound type from "Event" to "Stream." That will guarantee that everyone who plays your movie will hear the sound and see the video in the same way it appears on your own computer. Good luck. And yeah, changing viewing quaity won't ever make a difference. Also your movie is based completely on imported bitmap images, so make sure JPEG quality is set to 100% on your swf export. Try compressing your sound a little more.. with just sped up human voices you can go a little lower in bitrate than you have here and save yourself some space, and save NG some bandwidth. Good luck again. Also, good work at least getting the characters right.


Make it better what the heck I give you a 10. It was great!

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3.12 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2001
4:26 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody