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Ok... this is an extremely short game which Jay Bibby from www.casualgameplay.com asked me to whip up in a week for his website to celebrate this Halloween just past. It's nothing special, VERY vague on story and kind of pointless in hindsight... It's just a cheap and nasty little flash designed in the spirit of halloween. So take it on face value that this was never designed to blow anyone's socks off... I'll leave that up to Exmortis 3 in 2007... ;) Happy Halloween you sicko's!


I couldn't even finish the game,

I couldn't finish. I was too scared. [I put 10 for humor cause it's funny after you see how scared you are :)]

My goodness, you are amazing, and I've never finished Exmortis or Exmortis 2, and I can't do it without a friend. You, my dear Sir, are the sickest, most horrifying [your mind is an amazing place!] person ever. But you are the best flash game maker EVER. The graphics are completely and utterly beautiful, in a macabre way, but still goregeous [misspelled for a pun, hehe ;D] Keep making them, you are a professional. You would be a better horror [maybe flash movie? hehe, you're amazing]movie maker than Wes Craven and as the person before me said Stephen King [writerwise]. When I saw the guy with a bloody hand outside the window looking in, I had to close the window 'cause I just got too scared. And I'm not even easily scared, I could watch any movie without being scared, I laughed at Dawn of the Dead [probably like watching Barney to you though, ;)]. You should get billions for the stuff you do. KEEP IT UP. I need to finish your games, but they scare me so much. I'll do it anyway. Amazing Amazing Amazing.

<3 Best Regards!


You are the master of horror. Way better than Stephen King. One day, you are going to make so much fucking money off of material like this. Perhaps after Exmortis 3. You could go back and remake this. What you made here felt alot like a demo. But a damn goood one. Anyway this is getting a five. Again, nice work.


Nice, dude!
Now how to do:
1; Look under bed. Get the small thing in there.
2; Look in the paper thing, inside it's a head with a knife in it. Pick up the knife.
3; Open the door
4; Turn the lights off
5; Look into the place where a stone is missing.
6; Look at the grave. Hold mouse to it. It's a paper on it, put the mouse on the paper and read carefully, read it atleast 3 times, then you'll understand i guess. Then you'll know how to get out of there, and now finnish yourself...

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this is scaryier then exmortis

i just jumped when that guy jumped out when you were looking into your grave.the story..........well there was none but thefun of it is that you could make your own i played many times and i came up with 2 story's

1.the guy is in hell and he lost his memories and bcause he is in hell he needs to know why he was sent there and when he saw his grave and the newspaper he was taken to hell

2.he is just insane(it said in the newspaper)and dreaming it up in his head

i hope after you finish exmortis you will come back to this project and give it a story


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LefflerWebDesign responds:

Your first synopsis would be accurate... with the exception to the parts about hell. Purgatorium actually means Purgatory... he is stuck living in the scene of the darkest moment of his life...

But anyway - it came out ok for what was a week's worth of work...



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Nov 2, 2006
7:12 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click