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Ok... this is an extremely short game which Jay Bibby from www.casualgameplay.com asked me to whip up in a week for his website to celebrate this Halloween just past. It's nothing special, VERY vague on story and kind of pointless in hindsight... It's just a cheap and nasty little flash designed in the spirit of halloween. So take it on face value that this was never designed to blow anyone's socks off... I'll leave that up to Exmortis 3 in 2007... ;) Happy Halloween you sicko's!


...more lost then Mr. Bubby...

Ehhhh.... I was excited coming here from TVTropes and was lured in with the key words "Adventure game". It looked cool at first and had a nice dread casting over me thanks to the mysterious setting and the haunting music (then moments later, a couple haunting). But the thing that kills it for me is this; after acquiring the BBQ knife, I can click on the outlet and make the lights flicker, but -that's it-. I clicked every single area of the screens available, tried every key on my keyboard, even let it run and tested to see if it was a time based thing, and I wasn't able to even open the door to see the ending. I had to right-click and play the scene to reach the opened door to see the final part (which I'm sure would have wrapped up VERY nicely, if only I didn't bypass the whole game there).

Right-clicking when it isn't needed anywhere else in an Adventure Horror game just to reach the ending... Thanks for reminding me of 'Black Mirror' =\ I'll check out your other point-n-clicks when I get the chance~


Nice little bit o' anxiety there :) Thanks for a couple minutes of suspense.

Amazing for a short game!

I loved this game, even though it was short. I really liked how it all started as if it was just an ordinary room, with the cheery baby music, and then progressed to become darker and darker.

If you ever make any more point&click horror games, you should make it somewhat similar to this one.

You always do that!

My heart is pounding! ;) Thanks for that.


despite how short it was I liked the twist.

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4.37 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2006
7:12 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click