Soap Bubble II

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Expanding the core concept of Soap Bubble 1, this game has the bubble struggling with wind tunnels, water hazards and a vast array of haywire machinery.

CONTROLS: Pressing any arrow key increases the speed of the bubble for as long as you hold it down. Therefore, very LIGHT and CONTINUOS touches are required to navigate the bubble successfully through each level.



I love the style. The backrounds and the moving parts are so cool... but i just think the fact you're a soap bubble is so cute ^.^ aww i love it <3

Better that the first.Way better.

I played the first one,that wasn't so cool,I played this one and Yay! The game has become real better.Keep it up,the Cockroach games are cool.

Difficult - too difficult!

Yes, much too hard, at least for being in the early stages of the game. I'm at a place 15-17 levels or so into the game, I don't even know how to pass it. Seems impossible.

kick ass

I have to say this game is really well made... KUDOS

This is the best action game I've ever played!

This game has extraordinary details! On the 1st lvl there is a plaque on the wall 'peenemunde landkreis ostes pommern' - peenemunde is a small village in Germany on the coast where V2 rockets were built. There's also a plaque saying '21:00 Uhr 21.07.43 Mi (Mittwoch) - which means 9:00 pm, 21st of july 1943, Wednesday. I've checked it and this day was Wednesday! Also 'F- Gerat' means 'F-equipment'. There are more plaques with writings but I don't understand them. I like this game very much and I went through it 10 to 12 times. I'm waiting for 3rd edition!

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3.95 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2006
3:42 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle