Soap Bubble II

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Expanding the core concept of Soap Bubble 1, this game has the bubble struggling with wind tunnels, water hazards and a vast array of haywire machinery.

CONTROLS: Pressing any arrow key increases the speed of the bubble for as long as you hold it down. Therefore, very LIGHT and CONTINUOS touches are required to navigate the bubble successfully through each level.


intresting concept

reminds me of an emproved moon lander...only harder and more dinamic.

The bacdrops remind me of Out of This World


I played the game to the end, CJFF. Not much of a reward for beating it - would have been nice to know what those rockets were being used for. Controls drove me nuts the whole way though, and now I'm just kind of disgruntled that I wasted my night on this. Good game, but I won't be playing it again.

ah hard!!!

like, h-core hard!

Pretty good.

The concept of the game was excellent, along with the innocent bubble going through the factory off death. The graphics were also very good. The sounds were pretty nice, but the option of music would have been nice, a continuos track. The only major problem with it is the level codes. I got to the fan level, died a lot, and when I tried to enter the level code because I forgot a letter. A replay button, that let you retry the level (with no points) would remove that problem. Anyway, well done with the game.


Nice game, like Ball Revamped but a lot harder and with an actual story leading you along, very atmospheric with the sound and the whole silhouette thing for the objects. Parts were really hard (stuff like the wind tunnel, and the fan of doom in the water, I would like get past the fan and then pop in the bottleneck on the other side and ;KLJASDRELAJNM,BSUDYKDHFSKDASDKFJA), but that was part of the fun. People wanting the control to be the mouse and have complete control over the bubble like a cursor because you hate how the keyboard actually gives you momentum, that's no fun and completely destroys the point of the game. It's perfect how it is, no matter how much stupid people might complain. Only problem I really had was with the font used for the level codes, that does not look like a Q.

...is it possible to take a different path if you somehow have superhuman reflexes and make it through one of the tunnels in the sorter that has complete rockets?

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3.95 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2006
3:42 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle