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Tales of Torture Part 2

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Warning: Not for the squeamish! Contains scenes of repulsive and barbaric torture.

If you have any flash which is too BAD for newgrounds, or is just hated by people on the portal and is really a great peice of work, send it to THETRIPDOCTOR@HOTMAIL.CO
M and I will post it on my site. I will accept pretty much anything, even the worst of the worst.


I see now!!!!!

I FINALLY SEE WHY ITS CALLED TALES OF TORTURE! its so damn bad its painful to watch without wanting to kill myself. Do better next time.

Very Good.....

You should make more of these kind of things... maybe a whole series of tales of torture....
that would be awesome......

uh it needs work

good try but it was not that good i coudent understand the talking and it seemed to repeat itself alot then it just stops completly do beter next time


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bad bad bad

that SUCKED!!!!!!!!


congratulations, a terrible flash you created indeed.

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