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ok i was just screwin around its not very long so vote 5. FOR ME!

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Lost me...completely and totally.

The graphics were bad; it was just entirely hard to follow.

The fighting didn't look at all good. I mean, I couldn't tell what they were trying to accomplish! It looked like two sticks with arms and legs and a ball stuck on the top, just toppling over one another.

The camera spin has been done by other flash artists, and you weren't even close. You tried to reach for a cool visual that was way out of your league. I suggest not attempting it until you get your feet firmly planted into the idea of making Flash movies.

The "violence" I didn't understand. I hear a gun shot, and next thing I know, I'm looking at a street and a building? Sorry, but graphically, this was crud.
If you were going to do a fight scene, stick with it from front to end. You tried to enter a storyline into it and failed, then you entered in awful graphics that flashed by too fast to be really seen!

Also, Preloader! I can't stress that enough! It starting while still downloading only throws the "enjoyment" out the window. Use Preloaders from here on out.

Add to that, some of the sounds really weren't helpful, especially for the fight, because again, the graphics didn't add up.

Just keep working at it, you'll get something done. But until you do get something down that looks good, then post it on NG, don't just post everything you finish; give yourself time to develop and learn new things before posting something to share with everyone, because stuff like this isn't entertainning, and sometimes hearing criticism doesn't help ones ego.

Unoriginal and poorly made

I've said it before; I'll say it again.

For a fight to be entertaining, the graphics must be good. Or at least the choreography. Without any joke or story to fall back on, it all comes down to the basic elements - timing, pace... but in a flash movie, good graphics are really needed to make it anywhere near entertaining.

Your movie lacked any of this. It was hard to follow what was happening the first time around.

The camera spin wasn't pulled off well at all, perhaps due to the way the figures were drawn, and the ending is indecipherable to me.

Maybe that's the joke, or the whole raison d'etre of this movie. Maybe I'm missing something great.

But I doubt it.

I suggest for your next attempt you try something different. Not a fight. Not a skateboarding movie. Nothing that relies on showy visuals.

Maybe think up a story, or animate a joke.

With time you'll improve, I'm sure.

Good luck,


Very Lukewarm.

Bad Review For Bad Flash


((( HUH )))

um ok dont know what it was but, guess some liked it since its still on here, not much to review it on, maybe next time though...

Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2001
1:14 PM EDT