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This is a madness tribute of mine.I have gotten krinkels permission to make this and i have worked 3 months and 3 weeks on this.It is called leet crew massacre.Be fair about this and tell me what you think.(Yes i made my own madness guy)(black hair guy)


lol i know

ya brinley fox its traviz ya i made a new account cause of all the crap going on and pankakes ftw

kick ass

yeah but u still gave no creditz for meh charicte battle rifle and other bull crap so yeah

brinleyfox responds:

Yea um next time i will give credit to your guy ok?.I credited krinkels though.Anway thanks for reviewing LCM traviz :D! P.S. LONG LIVE MADNESS COMBAT AND BUTTERMILK PANCAKES.

Cmon Man!

WTF?! why wasnt Tricky Shakin?! nice idea, i hope LCM 2 will be better, Cool Flash!

brinleyfox responds:

Tricky will shake in LCM2.i forgot to make him shake in this one cause i needed to make a shake script and couldnt.Thx for the review.LCM2 will be good i at least hope it stays here.

Nice one, Brinley!

I really liked the kind of style you used! I do agree with one of the past reviewers that maybe the frame rate could be improved, I'm not sure because I've been using my horrible 128MB RAM Windows 98 for 6 weeks, (no work on Flash either) so it may simply be the computer being 5 years old and being too slow to show the true awesomeness of your great Flash. Great choice of music too! Violence: in LCM 2, maybe you could use different wounds? It just got a bit repetitive with the same gouges time and again is all.
Well done, hope to see LCM 2 real soon!

brinleyfox responds:

Hi MEK where have ya been dude! i havent seen you in such along time!Also i am working on LCM2 and if you didnt know im not working that much with sprites anymore.Just to let you know ive had madness combat sprites since i got flash in 2000.(I get them from the madness site)Also i soemtimes make my own wepons for it besides what krinkels makes.Im very happy to see ya though and im glad you enjoyed it =-D
Dont worry LCM2 will be better.


That was awsome! Good job but your making a 2nd right? You got to do alittle better on that one.

brinleyfox responds:

TY shadow and LCM 2 is going good and its going to be better than this one.Look in the ng mag soon i will post it there. =-D

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2.37 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2006
8:21 PM EST
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