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She Haunts Me

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**Please submit to one or more of the following: Halloween Collection 2006, NG Parodies Collection, Mikey Collection**

2006 Halloween Contest Entry

Tom, Wade, & Bedn in a Halloween Musical.
Press Replay Button to see surprise ending.

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I love music video parodies

I quite liked it

Cute Hallowe'en movie!

I gave this a 5 on Daily day, and I did so again. Shame about the clog causing this to be missed, it was one of the ones I liked. Music vids are my favorite kinds of submissions after games, and this one was a good one. :)

ScrunchMuppet responds:

Thank you. Daily Day was a bad ordeal for me. I always seem to upload my submissions on the wrong day and I'll have to start checking the portal beforehand from now on. This has been updated since its first run on daily day if you haven't noticed, I added a mic for Tom to swing around and play with and made the camera angles a bit busier. I'm glad you enjoyed it and appreciate the review.
- SM


Nice work there man, made me have a couple of chuckles. I for some odd reason also enjoyed the song. It also went very well with the video. Good job, and keep up the great work.

im sorry but..

i really couldnt sit through all of that, it was boring and the song was just plain irritating, the guys voice just did my head in. i really try not to give bad reviews but as this is a re-submit i thought that saying what i thought might stop you doing it again and getting blamed even more. your graphics arent that bad (though they could be better) but the rest of it was just rubbish.

ScrunchMuppet responds:

First of all, this wasn't blammed, it was deleted by me. Look at my batting avg 3.82 A+, it should be enough to give you a clue. Secondly you called the rest of it rubbish after saying you couldn't sit through the rest of it, so how would you know. Thirdly, piss off.

Not bad

not bad, but not good either, reasons why is that the whole time the mouth's where not moving with the song, they where almost perfect...nother thing is the hands where ok, but only if they where not moving drasticly, also the background was good, but when you shook it with the drummer that was what made my veiw from good to hmm ok this is now just got lowered in my scale rating. sry if i seem rude, but the good things where nice timing i.e. holloween, with the witch/vampier/ghost them, and i give cotos for the pep's heads and all, thats on tough cracker to crack heh if you get my drift :)