God is God

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This is a music video for Juno Reactor's 'God is God'. It was supposed to be a visual music piece, but I made this instead.



that was a pretty trippy animation. i think that a little less red-orange colors in the background would've been nice, but it did make it pretty cool, a nice choice of song too.
overall, this one was a pretty trippy and neat video. i liked this one.

wow that was awsome

hey that girl was belly dancing right?? i think i could figure that out because i belly dance lol the music was awsome i loved it and the colors were warm and great keep up the good work

Not bad

Much better then the normal crap in the portal. Kinda odd but not bad. Keep it up. ^.^

Looks nice

I liked how everything was put together in this one. Also, I'm curious how you cut out the silhouette of the dancer like that. Did you use Photoshop's magic wand, or is there an easier way in flash, or did you have to lasso it? I'd appreciate it if you let me know, thanks! Anyway, the music was fun too. I also like how efficient the whole thing was with memory size. It wasn't some huge thing you have to wait around for like other videos. I think a lot of videos could be a lot more efficient with their size. So overall, good job! :)

razorbjc responds:

the bellydancing part was done with rotoscoping. You just import a video of something (embed it in flash) and then trace the image frame by frame on a layer over it with the paintbrush. that belly dancer took about 300 individual frames.

I liked it

Didn't care much for the song, but the visuals were good.

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2.95 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2006
4:40 PM EST
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