Z Ball - Phase4

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Combatants attack each other by means of a ball of energy. The players must 'tag' the ball and keep it charged for it to be their weapon.

BallType Option varies the ball's weight and damage-scale.
May get a white-screen period whilst loading due to music. Be patient.

If you keep the ball at its peak charge (>80%) you CANNOT lose your combo points unless you are injured.

You can theoretically chain an infinite combo, provided you dont get hurt. Perhaps in next version, when you recover from injury using spacebar, you get your comboscore back?

Also if the enemy tags the ball, your combo score will still carry on until you are hurt, or the ball becomes weak and bounces. NOTE using the shield successfully will also end your current rally.

Try not to rely solely on the ForceBlade for combos, because it doesnt actually add any energy to the ball, it just knocks it up&towards you with random force, try to master its new movement so that you can use it to link all your actions. The amount of times that blades saved my ass...

For those having trouble with combos--
This is hackysack.... Aim straight up and tap the mousebutton when you need to hit the ball - doing this alone you can get a 30 hit combo


Arcade Mode overhaul; feedback system; larger enemy animation library; multi-tier arenas; map hazards; more special moves; secret character/character selection; bonus modes; story/pathways/cinematic

Check out my other works here on Newgrounds!

ZBall is in its prototype stages, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Contact me for ideas &/or help on playing ZBall.

Audio credits :
SFX - Dragonball(Toei) & StreetFighter(Capcom)
BGM - Arcade & Practice; Rising Winds(ZBall mix) by KYnetiK (self-authored) &
MainMenu; resampled from 'DBZ - Back to the Lab' by Bruce Faulconer


And yet another update!

Well, I've seen you've done some changes and you have improved it quite a lot.

Well, the graphics are good as always, the effects are nice, and the new special attack's animation are excellent! I specially like the new "cyclone" attack. Also, the new background is better than the last red one.
The sound is still good, nice sound loops, which fit with the ambience of the flash. The voices and other FX are the same as in the other editions, that's nice
I find the controls easier this time, good job with that. The new attacks are nice, so is the new diagonal flight, those are nice implementations.

However, there are some stuff I didn't like in this edition. The ground glitch is still there, it's not common, but it is kinda annoying if it happens twice. Also, the special attack system has changed a lot. You have to make all the combos to make an special attack, and it's really difficult to do the beam, for example. I prefered the other system, making a x30combo unlocked everything, and you didn't have to make more combos again.

But, once again, good job with this! I hope to see the complete version soon ;)

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KynetiK-27 responds:


The basic tactic behind the combo/special systems: attack the ball to tag it & build up energy thru combos to make it a weapon and multiply the attack-damage. This also keeps the ball off your enemy; hurt the enemy with the ball; melee the opponent several times, building up on your combo and attack-damage; then finish off your assault with a Special Attack.
If you can sustain your combo beyond this, then excellent =D Remember you cant lose your combo score if the balls energy meter is beyond the green marker (80% charge).
As ive said before, dont get too comfortable with the SuperBeam, as being an insanely powerful move its logical its the hardest to perform.

I hope this helps your gameplay, and thanks for sticking around =D
Ive just recently fallen in love so i apoligise for the delays, my times just been cut across the jugular...

it bugged

i was flying around in prcatice mode, and i was trying to use one of the sepcial moves and when i hit the ground ir froze. I just froze on the ground mid animation, i could still switch between specials and move gthe aim cursor but i couldn't move. great game btw cant wait to see more :D

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KynetiK-27 responds:

i think the move youwere doing may be spiritsword, ive had some problems with it being performed on the ground...it seems im still not rid of it..hrmmm...

I loved it!

Not much more to say but this is one of the best submissions ive seen of the portal lately! Can't wait for the full game!

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awesome game

Nothing bad to say this good game and all was nice. I'll hope full version of it comes soon. 5 to u

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Nov 1, 2006
6:28 AM EST
Action - Fighting - VS