Bat Outta Hell!

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Art/Animation by Psycho Goldfish!
Programming/Sound by RiftMaster!

Take control of a demon vampire bat from hell in this ghoulish flash game! Suck blood to survive and grow bigger and bigger! Explore the land to find bigger and tastier prey! (watch out though, the bigger they are the more dangerous they are!)

Read the in-game tutorial for all the specifics! (everything is explained there, like for example you can refill your energy at the tower where you start the game)

Users with slower machines will probably want to right click and choose "Turn off Special Graphic Effects" and/or "Set quality to LOW".


Not bad, not bad at all.

Firstly a guide:

Controls: Mouse

Move the mouse to move the bat, left clicking does 1 of 3 things:
-If your near the top of the clock tower (the tower where you start out), then you will rest.
-If your over a creature, you will bite it and begin to drink its blood
-Otherwise you take a dump of guano

You have 3 bare to worry about:
-The green bar is your guano supply, nearly useless and easy to get. (You get it by eating the bugs flying in the air (Can fill up right after resting at the tower), or by the birds flying high in the sky that you should never see)
-The red bar is your blood supply. Drink blood from creatures to fill it up. If creatures hit you, you lose some of it. If it runs out, you die.
-The timer (Its the bar thats surrounding your icon) How much energy you have before you die. Rest at the clock tower to fill it back up.


You have 2 main paths to take, left and right. Right is by far the easier one, and it has some humor in it too.

The differences are, the right has wolves (A good medium source of food), and priests (A good high source of food).

Left has cops (A good high soruce of food), however the cops have good aim and can hit you pretty easily.

I would take the right path if your new to this game.

Each time after resting at the clock tower, fly right without stopping to about 2/5 of your energy bar. (The 5 oclock position).

After that, start flying back, and drinking the blood of any individual creature (human or wolf, ignore cats and cows) If you have a choice, heres is the order from best to worst: Wolf, girl, white boy, black boy (No offense, simply in terms of best blood supply)

When you get to priests, make sure to only attempt to take them when they are one at a time. They are a pain (easy to deal with, but a pain nevertheless) when in pairs.

Always go strait for the kill, ignore guano bombs all togher unless you really wish to use them. You can always get to the creatuer and start sucking it before it has a chance to attack. (Priests attack you with holy beams from the bible).

If you went after cops, do the same thing, but remember that they can hit you when your just flying around, they have good aim (Guns over faith I guess)

Also, while you dont actually grow large, everything else grows smaller. Eventually when you get 'large' enough (When the world gets small enough), then you win.

Enjoy :)

This game is awasome, and with a few improvments can become really sweet (More creatuers including bosses, a few more resting place, and possibly an upgrade of some sort. A couple new leverls would not be bad).

Seriously though... AWASOME.

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Great work guys!

This is a cool game. I grew my bat to full size and beat the game. I enjoyed eating the children as they tried to beat me down with their sacks of candy.

This review is insanely well received!


kina like poop on a stick but only with out the shit on it


One of the best games on the Portal!:D
Why don't u make a sequel next halloween with an Endless mode and special abilitis or even a safe button?It would be awsome!:D

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I just beat it for the third time, and I'm glad to say this is one of the best games I've played yet. The animation was clear and creative, the game was entertaining, and the music's still stuck in my head. The only problem I could see was that it ended pretty quickly. Maybe you could make a sequal next Halloween? Add in an endless mode, bigger and better enemies to feast on, the like. 10/10! Woo!

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Oct 31, 2006
11:10 PM EST
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