Battalion 7 - Episode 5

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I finally finished the 5th installment in the chronicles of the epic war between the Slimes and the Muckducks.

if anyone out there knows of an easy way to animate mouths, please pass the knowledge on!!


This wasn't bad. The main problem is that it went on too long. I just don't understand why it was longer than the other episodes. It was, right? I probably haven't been following these so closely. The animation was alright.

The best part was probably the Target guy. He really knew how to say funny lines. There seemed to be more movement here. I especially like the smoke coming out of the guy's body. It's not much, but it's nice.


Excellence as ever!! I love your script and humor... and best of all-- that mouth-made sfx. Why the fuzz your movie is so underrated is still a mystery.

Looking forward for the next episode. Keep up the good work, Wheels!


ABOUT DAMN TIME THIS LATEST EPISODE IS UP!!!! i love B7 and all of its glory!!!! keep up the good work Wheels, you still got me as ur number one fan!!!!

The series keeps getting better.

I've enjoyed this series from episode one. Everything has gotten better. The animation is a lot more fluid and the look of the series is a very strong signifier of its personality. While some others may complain about the sound, I've always enjoyed it. I think it adds a layer of fun to the whole thing, which is exactly what this series is about. Besides that, it's funny. Very funny. There's clearly a lot of work going into this cartoon. Keep it up. A lot of us really enjoy what you're doing.

Stupendous... or something

that was a pretty funny show right there i thought it was one of the better comedys ive seen well not really but it was still some what funny =D

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3.76 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2006
10:10 PM EST
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