Tower's Double Doors

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Note: This submission is NOT(!) related to the "Tower's Tactics" games.
Note #2: This submission is REALLY FREAKING OLD... so don't judge me on it, k? :D

Been forced to enter a torch-lit medieval tower on Halloween before? It would go something like this.

Well, no, it probably wouldn't.

This is my first real animation, so don't expect high-quality content. If you watch it - I apologize for wasting your time, and thank you for your comments.


cool one

a little bit short, but for a halloween and 1st animation, that was pretty good. your efforts rocked and this animation was pretty good to watch. i think it could've done better if it was a little longer however, but it was still good to watch. good work.

Not bad at all.

For your first full animation, this is really quite good. The praphics are decent, I like your style, and the music went well with the story. I do agree with the addition of voices comments, but the way you did the thought bubbles was different and easy to follow, so it wasn't that big of a deal. All in all, great job, keep it up ^_^

For a first it rocked!

Hey for this being your first full animation it was great...there was a little disappointment that you didnt give voices to the characters but it was still good..just possibly try voices instead of thought balloons overhead. Great work!!!

I am impressed.

For your first animation...
it is very good.
You would make a great artist.
Your on my favorites. I look forward to the rest of your work.

My support,
-Kioron Fluore-

Really good

Really good for your first flash movie. Way better then me so far. I hope to see more work from you :).

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3.33 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2006
10:09 PM EST
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