Final Defense: Last Stand

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Last Update: 11/11/06
Finally the sequal to Final Defense is here!
Defend your country from the incoming forces in 10 action packed levels. With tonnes more enemies, upgrades and overall action then before this is guarenteed to entertain you!
Coded by: Matthew Shaile - Art by: Eduardo Mojica



Aww i hate to say this but it isn't very enjoyable, i got past level one but man you don't get enough money for anything... and i don't wanna waste my time on a game that isn't that good in the first place getting money. Good graphics though.

Pretty good.

Pretty good game. Add just a little more upgrades and some cool stuff, and this is awesome game.


this game was pretty damn good man. dnt listen to navy. keep up the good work man.


it was less than good but not bad kinda slow, work on it

p.s god says hi

Good game, but..

I have to admit, i was kind of dissapointed that all I got from doing all the missions was the satisfaction of having done it - a reward of some type would have been nice.
I agree with a number of other reviews on here - the game gets really dull towards the end. The last four waves on the last level I never even faced - all I did was save upo some cash and hit the Time Advance button something like 750 times [seriously. My arm hurts a lot].
Plus, there's onr other thing. This might sound like a minor quibble, bt it nearly ruined the whole game for me - what i with the sound of the lasers? Honestly, the sound of six laser turrets firing together actually made me feel physical pain. It's horrible, exactly the right pitch to melt the insides of your ears. If you ever do an update, I would strongly suggest you change it.
However, despite all that, i did enjoy the game. I mean, I played it right through, rather than just clicking of ater a couple of minutes, so it coldn't have ben al bad! The general conceit was well executed and well thoguht out, and the basic concepts were fun. Some of the designs were pure genius as well - I really liked the battering ram and troop transports, and tohught they really made interesting additions to the enemikes, rather than just following the old path of biggr, more destructive tanks with more armour like nearly everyone else is donig.
All in all, nice try. i'll definately keep my eyes open for a sequel...but, at the same time, i won't lose any sleep if there isn't one.

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3.41 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2006
6:05 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed