Final Defense: Last Stand

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Last Update: 11/11/06
Finally the sequal to Final Defense is here!
Defend your country from the incoming forces in 10 action packed levels. With tonnes more enemies, upgrades and overall action then before this is guarenteed to entertain you!
Coded by: Matthew Shaile - Art by: Eduardo Mojica


The heart is there.

This game while fun, is shamefully done. The artwork isn't poor, and the sound isn't annoying - these are bonuses. Unfortunately though there are many bugs. I lost with full health at the end of a round, found rounds to end at odd times, and am frankly disturbed that this was actually uploaded with units that won't die, it just seems an incomplete work. The concept is there, and the heart is there.. I can't honestly give this more than a five though. I enjoyed it, but it was the bugs that killed it. Not bad, but not good either. Straight down the middle.

awesome game man

one of the best defense games i played a lot better that final defense 1

i finished the game!

its easy as i already finished it. wat u do is when u go to mission mode befre selecting a mission u keep buying cash flow and auto repair so u can buy heaps of things and so you never die.but can the author plz fix the glitches where they after die they shoot again? and theres alsso 1 where the small tanks shoot aburst of 5 bullets but it happens rarely.

its stilla good game. hopefully author is going to make final defense 3. the farm mission is easy too.

its good

great game its not too hard its like medium i olny need that farm land thing and south dc to beet it


it was nice, but its too hard

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3.41 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2006
6:05 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed