Blockhead: Episode 8

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Blockhead, Episode 8: Ghostmas

Blockhead celebrates Halloween again. Uh oh!

Running Time: 7 minutes. So take a seat.

Looks like I made it in time for Halloween after all. Whew! Well, Merry Ghostmas everyone, and have fun tonight! OR ELSE!


bring it back

ghostmas is a great holiday

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4096 characters max? Where'd the 6 come from?

I figured you've seen enough titles such as "OMG that was hilarous!" or "Swain you are god!" though i doubt you get tired of reading that, but I figured I'd change it up a tad. However this episode was fantastic.

(Holy crap, they count enter as 1 character. So I could press enter 4095 times and then put 1 actual character...that'd be one long as hell comment. Eh, it's most likely been done 4096 times already.)

The graphics on your episode get 'episodeally' better. Mostly the subtle things on your background, but this episode had a plethora of scenes as well. Multiple houses and outside areas.

The song is quite catchy as well. Though sometimes I think the music drowned out Blockhead a bit, mostly after he kicked open his door. Besides that, all the various effects were fine.

I thought the supermarket intro was the funniest one you've done so far. A whole episode of that would be pretty funny, just him causing havoc in 4-5 different places for like a minute each.

Usually I love when Blockhead and the concience have their initial conversation cause usually the concience cause the concience always gives me a line I can repeat for the next 2 weeks and annoy my friends with, however this episode he was mostly just furious and called Blockhead stupid in a number of different ways. The rest of the episode made up for that though.

And to end this review full of random paragraphs, I read on one of your responses to a previous review that you worked 30 hours in a row to finish this on time. That's just insane. Usually I don't envy/idolize someone for simply doing something they love to do. But the focus and determination a person would have to have to do that is amazing. I get distracted rather easily when I try to do something for a decent amount of time, so although I doubt it'll help me, I'll ask anyway. How do you stay focused?

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The-Swain responds:

If I am casually animating then I get distracted too. But when I decide "I am going to get it done right now or I am not going to do it at all", then, well, it gets done :D

And it is unfortunate I had to make the Con explode so much throughout, but his job is to contrast Blockhead and I think he fulfilled his job exactly, even if he was not as enjoyable this time.


Blockhead is my lord and savior; he can do no wrong.

Swain is not just head and shoulders, but also chest and waste and knees above every other comedic flash maker on newgrounds. No other flash comes remotely close to the flat out crazy jokery of BH. I hope you keep animating dude; I'd love to see a Blockhead movie or TV show some day (% Tongs 4 lyfe.

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The-Swain responds:

I feel like I've offended God with every highly-expressive review I get :D I mean, it's almost hyocritical that such a silly and light-hearted cartoon gets such serious response, but I don't care about that because I was probably going to hell anyways. :D

That having been said, I'm glad you liked it!

You Have To BelieveeeeeeeTongs.

This Is The Best Blockhead Ever.I Also Think He Should Sing More.

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One of the best

This is one of my favorite episodes. The-Swain already has a huge amount of voice talent, but the Ghostmas carol is priceless. I love it so much, I go around singing it every Halloween. And Christmas. And, uh, in between. I LOVE the scene at the beginning, especially the face Blockhead/Chadwick makes.

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Oct 31, 2006
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