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Blockhead: Episode 8

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Blockhead, Episode 8: Ghostmas

Blockhead celebrates Halloween again. Uh oh!

Running Time: 7 minutes. So take a seat.

Looks like I made it in time for Halloween after all. Whew! Well, Merry Ghostmas everyone, and have fun tonight! OR ELSE!


Merry Ghostmas to you too!

I thought that this episode wasn't really as good as the previous ones but it was still good none the less. It really dragged on and adventually got boring. The song Blockhead was singing was preety funny but wasn't anything funny enough to make you laugh out loud. I liked the fact that you can here the song again after the credits with subtitles. If it's not a problem can you please PM me the lyrics to it?


f00d stinks!

Forget what the last guy said, this was AMAZING, it was really funny. The guy was alot like carl, but so what? that's no reason to give a cruddy rating to a funny cartoon that's actually drawn well. It's not like the stick figure things that are absolutely worthless, it was gorgeous, and I have to say singing in a made up voice is really hard so kudos, overall this was a kickass flash!

The-Swain responds:

He didn't attack me, just gave an honest criticism, and I am glad he did. I mean, if everyone loved my cartoons then I wouldn't have anything else to work for :D And I rather like animating, so I like having a reason to keep going!

On another note, I'm also glad that more people enjoy it than not, present party included. Thanks! :D

Sorry, didn't like it

Graphics: better then usual. From the other flashes I've seen in this series, it seems like your style usually involves more static drawings with only the mouths moving or something along those lines. This time you included a lot more FBF animation and detail, so I'll give you credit there. At first the houses looked like they were taken from Google image search and you used a photoshop filter to make them fancy, but then you actually started drawing the houses as the flash went along. So the graphics were a step up.

Style: I can't help but feel this series has just a little too much adult swim influence. The content itself is sort of original, but the blatant ripoffs of adult swim characters turned me off. That one guy sounds and looks exactly like Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force... he also serves no purpose to the plot other then to tell Blockhead what an idiot he is. Also, is he in Blockhead's mind? Or is he just imaginary? Or is he God? Why the hell does he show up everywhere? Sorry, I haven't watched much of the series before this. IMO, you could get rid of that character entirely and have a much better series using only segments like the first scene in this flash.

Sound: The voice acting was somewhat annoying, and it really ended up getting on my nerves and ruining jokes that might otherwise be funny. I also found the singing to be so annoying I could barely keep myself from closing the flash. I would suggest toning down the performances a little bit, they just seem too over the top and goofy.

Humor: I dunno, it kind of seemed like you were trying too hard. Maybe its just me, but the humor seemed a little forced. Making something random happen just for the sake of something random happening doesn't cut it for me. I'm sure a lot of other people find it hilarious when Blockhead uses his tongue to grab on to shit, but I don't quite get what's so appealing about that sort of thing. It also goes back to the adult swim influences, and it seems to me you're trying pretty hard to match that style of randomness. Of course, I hate a lot of adult swim shows that try to do the same thing you're doing here too. Whatever.

Overall: Just not my cup of tea. For me, the good graphics weren't enough to compensate for the annoying voices, unoriginal style, and forced humor. Good luck in the Halloween contest though.

The-Swain responds:

When I used to watch ATHF, I would quote Carl and have peopel tell me what a bad impersonation I do. Then I give a husky (not whiny) NY (not NJ) accent to an overweight gent, and then suddenly the two are EXACTLY alike. Haha, the world's not fair, is it? :D

Note: (I'll point out something I've said before because you claim not to have seen many of my other submissions) I have dated proof that my characters came before Carl (or even Adult Swim in its entirety, in fact), so maybe it is not I who has been influenced, but the other way around? Eh? Eh?? I even had to "un-Carl" the Conscience by removing his original wifebeater and sandals concept. Me: 0, World: 2

Merry Ghostmas

I seriously loved this one. Definitly one of the best Blockhead's yet. The best part was when he was in the couple's house and out of nowhere he is possessed by some kind of demon or whatnot. It was a completly hilarious random incident. I loved it, great job.

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I want to have that tongue! Blockhead's like a superhero.

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4.42 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2006
4:16 PM EST
Comedy - Original
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