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Blockhead: Episode 8

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Blockhead, Episode 8: Ghostmas

Blockhead celebrates Halloween again. Uh oh!

Running Time: 7 minutes. So take a seat.

Looks like I made it in time for Halloween after all. Whew! Well, Merry Ghostmas everyone, and have fun tonight! OR ELSE!

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I grew up on this!

This was always my favorite episode Michael. Thanks for the Memories!
Sure do miss him😥

All In a nutshell

And in a nutshell this was a pretty good one, love the action scene well sort of the animation itself is just pretty good I thaught, and there are some nice visuals and ofcourse as always the main character is always fun to see what he gets into or doesnt get into.

Some subtitles might be a nice addition.


with that jump scare he did with his eyes going green and his teeth sharp I feel like he may be the worlds dumbest demon dropped on his head 500 times after birth and kicked outta hell now he tortures everyone with his stupidity

Twelve years later, I'm still singing the Ghostmas Carol