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Halloween Hoodlums

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A halloween themed shooting game for 1 or 2 players. Get revenge on the evil children by shooting the ones dressed up as you!


Fun game

This was one of the better HW games lately. Although, it did get a little boring after a few minutes. I liked the different playing modes.

Good characters. Good concept. Needs more story and gameplay variety. You could make a very sophisticated game from this.

That was a change from your usuals....

...but not for the better. This was probably a time waster thing right? Well, it was a decent "plot" (lol poor frankenstein, his text was the best :D) And the diff ships were alright, but the kids walkin around and u shootin bombs at em....weeeeelll....
Oh btw, why did u make the game so that at a certain time LOADZ of children get on screen...and if u wanna beat that you gotta either sacrifice all your points, or not beat it at all and lose.. hmph :P well, if you DO make a sequel, which you probably wont,make it so that you have some super weapons, or that the kids jump or plain move different than the other 36 on screen O.o
AAAnyways, pretty decent idea, but poorly made overall. 6/10

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not really that good -.- but good scoring i suppose.. i got 375


a little boring but it was good

kinda blows


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3.87 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2006
3:32 PM EST
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