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The Rush Dance

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Author Comments

First things first. To all you right-wing kool-aid drinkers out there:

1. Rush accused Fox of not taking his meds to "exaggerate" the effects of the disease. The symptoms shown in the ad were the symptoms of the medication. If he didn't take his meds, he probably wouldn't be able to talk. So Rush was not just an ass, but he apparently didn't do his homework.

2. Why should he try to hide the effects when talking about what he is going through? Why does the public have to get a watered-down description of everything affected by our policy makers?

3. Right-wing talking heads are so used to attacking the messenger that they hate it when someone like Fox comes out and says something. There would have been no controversy if Rush simply said something along the likes of: "I have sympathy for Fox, but he's wrong because blah blah blah". Then again, that wouldn't be Rush and then his army of idiots wouldn't listen to him.

That being said, I put this little thing together in a few hours, as a quick break from my serious work. So excuse the crappiness.

It's got electro in it, so don't forget to boogie! By the way, I noticed the Colbert Report had a brief piece of him dancing to electro - coincidence? Read the book!

For those into my serious work, I am aiming for a Spring 2007 release of my short flash film.


He's an irrelevant douche

All politics is authoritarianism. You can't solve social problems with a violent monopoly. Smash the state.

lol fat neocon dance!

It's funny how these pro-globalists like to rally up support. Rush doesn't report news because that would imply that he reports an unbiased truth meant only to inform his viewers, instead we get more of the "think like me" bull crap. I especially love it when they say stuff like "the American people are not stupid" and then try to fool us with lies! lol

It's not too late to give him another award

Rush Limbaugh has competition now. Between Bill O. The Clown, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Michelle Malkin, Anne Coulter, Karl Rove, and everyone on Fox and Friends, Rush is fighting to continue to keep his title as King of the Douchebags.

Ah, good old Rush

I expected a little more dancing from comedian Rush Limbaugh, but other than that, I enjoyed that little trip back to last year.

Main Problem: Too Short

I never thought I'd say this but: there wasn't enough Rush. It's called Rush Limbaugh Dance, so let's see him dance! Give us some more of that fat-kid-dance-puppet zaniness! I dunno, I'm sure I'd have appreciated it more if I hadn't heard about the incident at all before now.

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2.95 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2006
1:07 PM EST
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