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Sentient Fish Rape 2

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The sequel!


it strikes again

this is the one and only episode that made me laugh the hardest to think of it was pure genius all i can say is this 9 is really a 9.5 make more a hell of a lot more.

short space

+++ Great starting screen, with lovely gradients, stars and shapes.

++ Pretense re: fish bitches. Amused.

++++ Awesome music, fitting each scene perfectly.

++++ Love how the fonts start kinda like a transitional classic style, then eventually becoming a decorative crazed thing as we get to the end.

I... have no real complaint to make of this movie. I felt it lacked the originality of the first, of course. Maybe I'd have liked to see the pumpkin guy on-screen a tiny bit longer.

Really, though, this movie does little, if anything, wrong. Packed full of jokes in such a short space of time. Details such as love hearts and the familiar girl are appreciated.

It may not have made me laugh much, but the movie is now scarily etched onto my mind. Forever.


I wonder if that suprise sex with a school with fish better than regular suprise sex?

funniest thing on newgrounds

i was laughing all throughout this movie.


I actually Laughed Out Loud , which disrupted my whole class, but that's not the point.

Dude... That Was Awesome !!!

Walk of shame!
Walk of shame!

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4.09 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2006
9:45 PM EST
Comedy - Original