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The corrupt Combine Government is confiscating FiveStar's farm. His illegitimate nephew Jerry recently found a powerful dick that is both big and floppy. Only its strength will be able to save his uncle's estate. However, the greedy Dan Weisman wants the great dick for himself. Will Jerry and his friends Ruthie and Cha be able to save FiveStar's property?

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hahahahaha my GOD this was great

i actually thought i was going to die laughing by the time of the part with Cha in it. Can't believe I didn't review this when it first came out last year! Superb parody of the 200th DT, starberry.

Starberry responds:

hey i just noticed this you deserve a drAnk

What can I say? I lol'd.

While normally I dislike most flashes that have such low-grade graphics, without any plot or anything, to this, I have to say about halfway through, it became spontaneous and random enough so that I couldn't help but laugh! It was JUST, SO, RANDOM! That element saved this flash in my book. You could have put a little more into graphical work though. In this case, sound matters not, so I'm not commenting on it.

Starberry responds:


Holy christ

That dick is my new god

Starberry responds:

is it


I fucking love ya, Starberry.


Starberry responds:



Awesome!!!!! (Happy Daily Day!) lol, how DID you think of this? Go Fivestar! Nice volume as always.

Starberry responds: