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DailyDay3: FwenchMaid

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Happy Daily Day!

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^^Good Points^^
Heh, that Skeeter guy really did have a big nose, a funny parody. The music was a cool addition to. Gave me a laugh for the first few seconds.

^^Needs Improving^^
It was just a loop, which didn't really entertain for too long. As I said, it was cool for a little while, but after a bit it just got repetitive and boring. You definitely should have had a better ending to this at least.

I'm Sorry

But um, This video had no purpose, its kind of weird.

good sound effects

hey thats some r. nice and good sound effects. youdid them ALL by yourself??!! p.s. stop making just one character in your movie. .he/it sounded seemed like he was masturbating from the nose