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Narrated by StrangeClock and music by Danny Elfman. Based off the short story by Edgar Allen Poe. This animation is serious, artistic and I hope you take the time to watch it. There will be three parts to the series. If you have not read the book, I highly recommend you watch this and if you have read the book, you'll like this. Thanks for watching!


Good Job

great short story great animation i read this book in middle school and i loved it you got it down every thing.. EVERY THING u did it exactaly as i pictured the story in my head.

Amazing job ! but ...

I have to congratulate you for this very good adaptation of the short story. You really did catch the essence of Poe writing. It represents pretty well how I was picturing it in my head when i read it. Great voice acting also (which isn't that common for a cc movie haha)
That said, I have to admit I'm disapointed you chose to put almost no sound effects in those flash movies. Adding at least the sound of the beating heart would have made a huge difference. That said, it's still a very good flash. Good work !

One word like Ravenclock would say "Nevermore."

I love the stories of Edgar Allen Poe. Especially the Two Stories "The Raven," and this story "The Tell Tale Heart." I even read about these stories at school, I even have the episode of the Simpsons on the second season dvd in the first "Treehouse of Horror" and loved the acting that Homer Simpson would do when he was talking to the Bart Simpson version of the Raven. I enjoy his mysteries so well as I would see them in my mind. My friend tell me, how did you get the Idea of making an re-enactment of this beautifully made story my friend? This was as enchanted as like watching a horror movie in a sense to a movie with clocks in it. You really did a wonderful job at animating this film. Even having Strangeclock as the narrator is so.......so...... interestingggggggg. I really like the animation, as well as the voices and the reuse of Danny Elfman's Music in the Tim Burton film, "The Nightmare Before Christmas." I tell ya in that if you were going to make a movie with actual clocks in it, Tim Burton would have joined with you as well as Danny Elfman to make this retelling of a great story that everyone should have heard before. With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other stuff like that, this is a great flash to remember in my dreams and in my thoughts. You have a great storytelling in your animations as well as making a retelling and making it a "true" retelling of it. I shall see you in the next one, let's see what happens next, and may God, up in the heavens of the earth, be with you my friend. :) =)

This review shall be called "A Review to Remember." by JojoMon.
"See Ya!" - JojoMon.
"And he Quoted Nevermore." - Raven from "The Raven"


Never would of thought that someone would make a flash on the Tell Tale Heart. Its kinda creepy how Strange watches him in his sleep. If I didn't know the story I would've thought he was some sort of creepy prevert.


The graphics, sound, & voice was really good!
I think a lot of people on the Internet are weird!
The clocks are just telling a story, not making fun!
Like the Lord of the clocks, or somethin'

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4.10 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2006
8:04 PM EST