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DailyDay3: KKyuubi

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I am currently reviewing: DailyDay3: KKyuubi

Well, I could put it this way: Jolly good show on this work!

Happy Daily Day 3 to you.

KKyuubi responds:

Thanks...you are one of the few here who still appriciate Animutation. I can't believe I ALMOST got 3.0 on this!

Not bad at all.

Some good shorts, but you had to click all the buttons twice to use them, which was irritating, but not a big deal.

KKyuubi responds:

I know, I'm not quite sure I coded them right...if anyone can help me setup the code properly (I've got it set to go "on press"), please PM me...

I forget that song in the title page

But it's freaking hard on Heavy mode. Also your movies brought many a laugh to my soul. Nice job.

KKyuubi responds:

Yeah, I just thought "Hey, that song would make good menu music!". Ixion also makes a good menu loop too!

I was kind of shocked at the randomness :D

it made no sense at all, and thats what made it such a great flash.

and on an unrelate note, DERRICK ON A PIE

KKyuubi responds:

nananananananananananananaDER RICKONAPIE! After I made that, I never looked at System of a Down the same way again... :D


you should have recreated corperate logos from the 70's and 80's. i better be seein the line of doom or embassy telecommunications. oh, and you really shouldn't copy from YTMND, I just find their stuff old and goony. anyway, happy daily day!

KKyuubi responds:

Thanks anyway, I was running out of ideas, so I just got the ualueualueualue song, but I used the Chrono Trigger music just because I think alot of people love Chrono Trigger...