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DD: Gem of power

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Preloader by Dark Sith Clock Dock.

Radio Out.

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That was crap!

It went for 20 secounds, You didn't add proper voice recording.
It made no sense (even for a flash). You could have added a reply option or link.
Then I wouldn't have given it a 0.


i dont get it?


I was actually hoping to embedd this in the collab file, but I'll just put a link in it to this. Awesome.

oh my god..

That was awesome! (Short, but awesome)


The movie had no point to it except to watch something get blown up in a bunch of cheesy effects. Trust me, you have better things to do than viewing this, like watching the grass grow.

RadioactiveDock responds:


This review was pointless.

You got a complaint take it up with the guy who wrote the script.
I have better things to do than readreviews form people who don't make flash movies. Like watch paint dry.