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This is regarding classified Star Syndicate information about OPERATION: BSOD.

Fuck you.

More than 10 years later and we still never did it. Star Syndicate is a bunch of pussies, just like me.

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Well this was interesting kinda more visuals here but it was interesting, thought it could use more content and more depth overallbut I did find this flash amusing.

more content for sure, more story to it.



Where is the BSOD?


since my last review was taken down i will do a new 1, this is not an animation more like information about a project of the star syndicate to take down the site and any one who came on here including virus and malice software, this information was posted in the forum and now the thread with the responses to it are put on here, fortunately the project resulted in fail probably thanks to the actions of the newground staff or whatever we may never know as the end of this animation is what looks like the final post in the thread.

Such a low score?

I personally thought it was cool to see all those posts you made! The intro with the 3D was great as well. The music also set the atmosphere well. Sheesh, I liked it at least.


I wonder if those sh**heads were successful... Oh well. 10/10 for posting the information and what the f*** is that guys name at the ned? penisstar and dogs licking on a girls **** and ass? Damn... messed up forum.