Goth Lyfe: Real Lyfe

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Hey Everyone. This is the Goth Lyfe Halloween Special! Don't worry Season 2 is still on its way, this is just something we decided to do for Halloween. As always, make sure you've seen the first 10 episodes first and remember that "Goth Warning" because I'm sick of writing it out! OK well, I'm done talking now, so you can go watch it. Enjoy!


Hey I had no idea this got though!

But the series is far from over so keep 'em commin'!
Y'know now that I've seen this its hard to decide which version I like better? Animated Mace & Sceptar or Real life Mike & Stefano?
Hey maybe you could do real life intro's and outro's to your series like the Mario Bros. cartoons did! It'll look pretty cool to see you guys talk into the intro or somethin'?
(BTW its kinda freaky that Mike look just like the dude from Final Destination, Stefano you better keep an eye on him! LOL)


i will admit misery was cute but damn people bust a nut would ya liek ay never seen a good lookign goth chick before lol

O M Goth

MACE is cool SO COOL he's like toatally gothame
"ya" SO is sceptare


misery is hot :) and looks oddly like my friend lol

nicely done

love it....the characters in real life r believably accurate...i wonder if they were made from real life...i liked the specter n roger characters in real life...specter looks like the detective L from death note anime..lol

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Oct 30, 2006
7:07 PM EST
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