Goth Lyfe: Real Lyfe

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Hey Everyone. This is the Goth Lyfe Halloween Special! Don't worry Season 2 is still on its way, this is just something we decided to do for Halloween. As always, make sure you've seen the first 10 episodes first and remember that "Goth Warning" because I'm sick of writing it out! OK well, I'm done talking now, so you can go watch it. Enjoy!


It's was ok!

Cournty didn't get her memo but at least Todd showed up. Rouger's a geek but he looks better in real life. I love animation meets real life! 5'd


I'd say it was pretty nice, a bit inactive though.
You might wanna add a song on the background.
The art can still use improvement but i'm sure that'll come over time.
You guys have a nice sence of humour and if you continue as you are now this'll be a great serie.

I only got your pm today.

Havn't been on NG much lately.
Heh, that was cool, I must say that your characters really do look alike. Nice work on that.

Again, I enjoyed the humor of your works, also, I see you got a really nice score!
Guy's, really, keep this up.

Good luck with further works.

hey nice.

pretty cool, yah. i was always wondering if they were real people or just warped voices. i liked the whole 'misery says nothing' thing, too. and the last line thing was hilarious. keep it up, and best of luck on the next ep.

Was Good, you guys should really stay with anima.

Good job keep up the good work, but no more real life episodes, oh and sabrina was really hott. shhhhh this is definatly not me scepter. I will kill you in mario tomorrow we just have to get to the room right away, and dont let mandi have the ds's. Ok well anyway good movie and all but stick to animation mike, please. Well peace (kinda went off topic there for a second.)

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4.01 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2006
7:07 PM EST
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